Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'No moles, just morons in police force'

A DAP lawmaker today launched a sarcastic jibe against the police for the way they carried out "Operasi Dadu" to weed out illegal gambling dens.
The operation ended with a measly two percent success rate.
Responding to media reports that the police are now targeting "moles" within the force due to the poor success rate, Lim Lip Eng said there are "morons" within the force for assuming that these den operators are "illiterate".
The Segambut MP was referring to the fact that the police had announced publicly, a week earlier, their intention to crack down on gambling dens.
"Do they think illegal gambling operators are illiterate? That they don't read the news? They don't go online?
"And they wonder why the gambling shops are closed when they conduct a raid," Lim told a press conference at the Parliament lobby.
"This is like telling the Mat Rempit (illegal racers) that we are going to have a road block at Dataran Merdeka on this day, and inviting them to come there," he added.
Ipoh Timur MP Thomas Su said that the "moles", if any, should be the Malaysian public, because the police had made the information about their raid public and thus the den operators were bound to know one way or another.
"The mole must be the entire public," said Su, who accompanied Lim.
English daily The Star front paged a report today saying that the operation only had a two percent success rate as most gambling dens were closed when the police conducted raids.

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