Thursday, March 27, 2008

FT Minister and his deputy - jestering.

BN won only 1 out of the 11 Parliamentary seats in KL. Was this not a clear mandate by the KL people of a loss of confidence in BN? Why then is there no representation from the winning parties representing the majority? The FT minister and his MIC deputy can be likened to some back office janitor where despite it is clear that their parties are neither needed nor even wanted by the mass majority of people residing in KL. The people spoke clearly through their votes that they have enough of BN politicians lording over the KL City Hall.

However, BN choose to soldier on, ignoring the call of the people and put "jester" robes on Zulhasnan and Saravan, drawing laughter as mock leaders.

The almost utter rejection of MIC of which all their top leaders were send packing in the recent election resulted in their second tier members coming into the limelight. In a show to appease their coalition buddies, the PM "awarded" Saravanan of MIC with this City Hall "jester" position.

The redundancy of this job can further be seen by the fact that most, if not all matters within the City Hall falls under the directive and leadership of the City Mayor. Another well-known fact is that the FT Ministerial was enlarged by PM in 2004 to include Labuan and Putrajaya as well as to create more seats in his mega Cabinet and to appease his many barons.

MIC is probably staring into the final leg of their journey, very much like PPP and Gerakan. Perhaps it would make more sense for MIC and for Saravan personally to quit the BN to regain the trust of Malaysian from outside. If the very loud and utterly confident great MIC leader Samy Vellu can fail the Indians though he was in the Cabinet for 30 years, what little hope can Saravan achieve anything but just nod his head and play along?

And "no" Saravan, hear it again, people from Segambut and elsewhere in Kuala Lumpur don't want your MIC. They have spoken in the election.

People in Tapah are among the few who still habour hope for MIC to represent them in the Parliament. But I see that unlikely as Saravan seems more preoccupied with FT matters. With the major loss suffered by MIC in recent general election and possible demise in 2013 or earlier, Saravan’s busyness as a "court jester" in the corridors of KL City Hall could well herald the ultimate demise of MIC.

Honestly, does MIC still have any teeth among the BN fellows?

DAP MP for Segambut, KL





13 March 2008

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