Wednesday, October 29, 2008

City Mayor’s Response to Flash Floods

After my numerous complaints to City Hall for a dialogue with the residents to find a permanent solution to the recurring flash floods in various areas of Segambut, this morning City Mayor Dato’ Hakim b. Borhan brought an entourage comprising of his officials and the media to visit Taman Segambut Bahagia (TSB), one of the affected area.

By not informing me, let alone inviting me, to join him at the visit this morning, Dato’ Hakim has clearly shown that he has no regard for Member of Parliament. Must he be reminded that the 10 Pakatan Rakyat MPs in KL are elected by the people whereas he is appointed to be a civil servant?

I was told that he made 2 announcements at TSB, first is to build 5 floods prevention dams at Segambut flood-prone areas in 3 months and, second is to give RM300 each to 173 families in TSB.

I welcome the dam projects. I will definitely follow closely its completion date which is in 3 months from now.

I do not understand why Dato’ Hakim only benefiting 173 families in TSB, what about the rest of the victims in Segambut Dalam, Segambut Pusat, Taman Sri Segambut, Taman Kok Doh and Taman City Timur? I will pursue the matter vigorously.

Lim Lip Eng

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joint-Petition by 85 MPs to PM asking for a Parliamentary Debate on ISA

At the entrance of PM's office yesterday, Lim Lip Eng, Dr Siti Mariah, William Leong and Fong Poh Kuan questioned by journalists on the identity of the sole BN MP who broke rank

Over 1/3 of Malaysia’s Parliamentarians represented by PAS’s Dr Siti Mariah (Kota Raja MP), PKR’s William Leong (Selayang MP), Gwo-Burne Loh (Kelana Jaya), DAP’s Fong Poh Kuan (Batu Gajah) and I submitted a joint petition to Prime Minister at his office in Putrajaya yesterday around 11:30am, appealing for a parliamentary debate on ISA.

81 Pakatan Rakyat MPs (DAP, PAS & PKR), 3 independent MPs (SAPP & Pasir Mas) and 1 BN MP signed the historical petition.

What the Parliamentarians want is just a debate on ISA, not a repeal of it.

Will the Prime Minister try to salvage his legacy (if there is any left) by moving a motion in Parliament for the debate on ISA after the Depaavali break? We shall see.

By the way, for people’s sake, MCA, MIC and Gerakan, please stop acting.

Lim Lip Eng

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lending Support to the 10 Detainees

Batu Gajah MP Fong Poh Kuan and I puzzled at the sight of so many riot police trucks

This morning 8:30am at Putrajaya Magistrate court a.k.a. Kajang criminal court, Member of Parliament for Batu Gajah, Fong Poh Kuan and I attended the remand hearing of the 10 people arrested yesterday when they attempted to submit a letter at the Prime Minister Department's office in Putrajaya, appealing for ISA detainees to be freed.

Security was tight at the court complex. Lawyers (myself), though deemed as officials of court, and lawmakers (Poh Kuan and myself) were made to surrender identification cards to the police before entering the court. Only lawyers and family members of the detainees were allowed to enter.

Security was even spectacular outside the court complex. About 8 to 10 riot police vehicles including a water-cannon truck and a large number of FRU personnel have been deployed there.

The hearing started around 10am due to the delay of the police. The magistrate reprimanded the police for the delay. Remand hearings must be held at 8:30am, said the magistrate.

The police have applied for a two-week remand for the 10 detainees, however, the magistrate only extended remand to 3 days till Sunday. Just in time for the 10 to celebrate Deepavali on Monday.

Their arrest and further remand do not make sense at all. Will any criminal go to submit a letter to the head of state in broad daylight?

Lim Lip Eng

Late Night Fire Tragedy in Kampung Sungai Pencala

Haji Ali Jaffar discussing with Lim Lip Eng at the scene of the fire

At least two children of a Malay family were killed in a fire that broke out at their house in Kg Sg Pencala, on the outskirts of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), yesterday. The incident took place around 10pm Thursday. The victims aged 6 and 11 years, community sources.

However, there were conflicting reports regarding the actual number of casualties. Some residents said there were three kids at the house when the accident took place. While, firemen said they found only two bodies. Cause of the fire is still being investigated by fire department’s forensic team.

Two fire-engines were at the scene when I arrived at around 11pm. Large crowd and I dispersed at about 2am.

I was informed that the scene was formerly a stronghold of Al-Arqam, a banned Islamic religious movement.

Kg Sg Pencala is the biggest Malay village in Segambut. Lately, foreigners especially Indonesians made up almost half of the population in the area, said Haji Ali Jaffar, a local Pas youth leader.

Lim Lip Eng

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crashing Taman Sejahtera Stall Vendors’ Livelihood

Enforcement team and officials from DBKL, TNB and police have a joint demolition exercise on Monday morning at Taman Sejahtera, Segambut to tear down 4 "illegal" car workshops located right under high-tension cables.

The same team came again the following day trying to demolish a row of 6 roadside stalls opposite of the road which location is not below the high-tension cables. DBKL postponed the demolition works on the 6 roadside stalls to 23.10.2008 (Thursday) when they were informed by stall owners that the area is not TNB's business.

My questions to the government are: The stalls have been in business there for more than 10 years with individual separate TNB meter, water meter and even telephone line, why only now DBKL take action against them? If they are indeed illegal stalls without relevant permits, then TNB, Syabas and Telekom too have been conspired with them in the wrongdoing for more than 10 years. Shouldn’t action be taken against TNB, Syabas and Telekom for conspiring in the same offence?

I have personally sent a letter to DBKL last week requesting to have the demolition exercise delayed for 3 months so that to let the stall vendors have sufficient time to relocate. Obviously my request was turned down when DBKL sent its enforcement team to demolish some of the stalls on Monday. I was informed yesterday by 2 DBKL officers that the complaints against the stalls came directly from Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN). I wonder why KSN is so concerned about such local issue instead of larger national issues.

My hope now lies with FT Deputy Minister Datuk M. Saravanan because he told me that he will "look into the matter" when I approached him yesterday in Parliament for help.

Lim Lip Eng

Friday, October 17, 2008

Flash Floods Again. Act Of Who?

Bedridden Puan Sheriah Bt. Ahmad helplessly waited in her water-immersed house in Kg Segambut Bahagia. I have arranged for her food supply from city hall.

City hall and fire-fighters arrived at the badly flooded areas soon after I called them for assistance. Religious school children have to be evacuated from school.

Countless buildings were hit this time with waters as deep as 2 feet.

This house owner has to break some part of his house in order to release floodwaters from the building.

Flash floods occurred again at Segambut Luar, Segambut Tengah, Segambut Dalam, Kg. Segambut Bahagia, Taman City Timur and Masjid Segambut after a 2-hour downpour about 5pm today. This is the second time in a week.

Who fault is this mishap? No time for that at the moment and let’s forget about the mega SMART Tunnel project which costs taxpayers in multi-millions.

What’s for sure is that flash floods will repeat over and over again if there is no permanent solution from the authorities.

Lim Lip Eng

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeing red over poem 'likening Kok to dog'

Photo caption: From left: Teluk Datuk state assemblyman Philip Tan, Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen, Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching & Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng lodged a police report today at Dang Wangi Police Station against an article by Malaysia Press Institute CEO Chamil Wariya and published by Utusan Malaysia.

Taken from Malaysiakini (Beh Lih Yi & Rahmah Ghazali) 16.10.2008

Before the dust has settled over a fictional story on the assassination of a politician, Utusan Malaysia has raised the ire of DAP again.

This time, it is a poem, which the opposition party claims, likens its Seputeh MP Teresa Kok to a dog.

Titled 'Ratu anjing; yang melengking itu' (That queen of dogs that barks), the poem penned by Dr Ibrahim Ghaffar appeared in Utusan's pullout 'Mega' today. The daily described the poem as a reminder to those who threatened Islam and the Malay race. Over the weekend, Utusan published a short story titled 'Politik baru YB J' written by Malaysia Press Institute CEO Chamil Wariya. DAP claimed that the fictional piece, which is about the assassination of a female Chinese parliamentarian, was referring to Kok (left).

This afternoon, DAP Youth had filed a police report against Chamil and Utusan and described the story as ‘literary terrorism’.

Meanwhile, the poem, among others, contained phrases such as 'Kok anjing biar menyalak' ('Kok the dog, let it bark'). It however did not specifically name any individuals.

Speaking to Malaysiakini in Parliament today, Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) argued that anyone who read the poem would know that it was referring to Kok.

"The poem is not necessary as Kok has done nothing wrong. This is too much and unfair not only to her but to all Muslims and non-Muslims.

"I believe Utusan has an agenda behind this," he said, adding that DAP will consider lodging a police report on the matter.

Ibrahim, however, told Malaysiakini that his poem was not directed at anyone in specific but was a general call to all that “when they do something, it must be done with wisdom and maturity.”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Flash Floods After Downpour: A Sure Event

A 3-hour downpour caused flash floods at 6pm, 10 October 2008 Friday in Segambut.

Floodwaters immersed few main roads at Taman City Timur, Taman Kok Doh, Taman Sri Segambut and along Jalan Jambu Mawar as deep as half a feet.

Some of the affected roads were inaccessible to motor vehicles during the floods and the floodwaters only began to recede after the rains stop.

I received more than few dozen phone calls over the weekend complaining about the floods. Few callers even accused me for not doing anything about the floods.

In fact, flash floods were a constant occurrence after heavy rains not only in Segambut, but in many areas in Kuala Lumpur.

I have written a number of letters to city hall asking for a permanent solution to it. At one time, when I called a DBKL officer during a flash flood, the officer merely told me to call city hall hotline directly.

The public should know that the Draft Kuala Lumpur 2020 City Plan, the first city plan in Malaysia’s history, has proposed no permanent solution to floods issue.

I will keep raising this issue in Parliament. The last time I asked in the August House on floods issue was regarding the Smart Tunnel project, I asked to be given video recordings inside the tunnel during downpour to prove its efficiency. The Ministry of Works refused based on the reason that it is dark inside the “SMART” tunnel!

Lim Lip Eng

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damansara 21 Stop Work Order Lifted: Developer Boleh Again

Lim Lip Eng & residents protesting the project

M. Saravanan (left) and Lim Lip Eng (centre) studying a map of the project with resident Randhir Singh

The Sun reported today that KL City Hall has lifted the stop work order on the Damansara 21 project, allowing the developer SDB Damansara Sdn. Bhd to proceed with the project.

Let me recall what the authorities have said or have not said one month ago.

Deputy FT Minister Datuk M. Saravanan accused the developer Selangor Dredging did not give City Hall the complete picture when it submitted an application to develop Damansara 21, "so this is their fault… we didn't approve it for development" he said.

The man who was supposed to confirm whether the Damansara 21 project had the go-ahead from City Hall, Mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan avoided questions from reporters on whether the project was started with City Hall's approval.

I was told by Medan Damansara Residents’ Association (MDRA) that the association has not been informed, let alone discussed, of the lifting of the stop work order.

M. Saravanan and Ab Hakim Borhan are duty-bound to answer to MDRA on whether Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) has been apporved by Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran WPKL. If yes, since when and with what conditions? If no, this lifting of stop order is then flawed!

I am also curious about whether the developer has paid up the RM100,000 compound slapped by City Hall in April.

Lim Lip Eng

*Photos courtesy from The Star

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A complainant came to me this morning alleging that his lorry inspection by Puspakom, Taman Bukit Maluri yesterday failed not because the lorry did not meet the safety requirements but because he did not “co-operate” with a syndicate operating there. He asked me what I can do.

I can bring this up to Parliament next week or I can talk to the relevant agencies namely JPJ, Puspakom or even to the MCA chief in waiting Datuk Ong Tee Keat who is also the Minister of Transport. But the dilemma is that the complainant needs his lorry to earn his daily living as the lorry is his only mobile office, he can’t work while I bring his issue through the various avenues as mentioned above.

What can I do then? Knowing how efficiency is Puspakom, I advised the complainant to have his lorry inspected by Puspakom elsewhere, say at Wangsa Maju.

By 3pm the complainant called. He passed the Puspakom inspection at Wangsa Maju! Same lorry, same condition, same approach but at different place comes out with two self-contradicting results. Is this Puspakom Boleh or what?

Now what should I do next? I have just written to Pemudah, a self-claimed “high-powered taskforce” set up by Prime Minister to address bureaucracy in business-government dealings, to look into the operation of Puspakom.

I have also called on Ong Tee Keat to do away with Puspakom just like how he got rid of e-Kesihatan 2 days ago (refer

Lim Lip Eng