Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RM160,260-00 for a CCTV

If you have watched the recent hit movie “Eagle Eyes” then most probably you would agree with me that CCTV surveillance cameras are vital if not essential in curbing the KL’s ever increasing crime rate. So how many CCTV were installed in the city by the authority?

The Federal Territories Ministry answered me in Parliament that 255 CCTV cameras were installed in KL to monitor traffic flow with the cost of RM160,260-00 each camera plus installation, and from 2007 until October this year, 80 of the 255 CCTV cameras (almost 1/3) were damaged either by theft or motor vehicles. The ministry has to spend 8 millions ringgit to repair the damaged CCTVs and on some electronic boards called Variable Message Sign (VMS).

Maybe we should just blame it on the car drivers for crashing the cameras.

Lim Lip Eng


KongKor said...

RM160K for 1 CCTV camera? using NASA technology perhaps!

Anonymous said...

I believe NASA's cctv is cheaper!