Friday, February 12, 2010

Faulty diagnosis nearly claims diabetic's life

Source: (Christine Chan, 12/2/2010)
A diabetic patient claimed that he got into an accident after receiving insulin shots due to a incorrect diagnosis, believed to be caused by a faulty glucometer - a glucose measuring device.
At a press conference today, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng (right) told reporters that 56-year-old Tan Chun Lin (left) got into an accident barely an hour after treatment was issued by doctors at Batu clinic in Kuala Lumpur. “We believe that Tan was given a wrong diagnosis which resulted in him receiving an overdosage of medication by the doctor,” Lim said. The parliamentarian claimed that due to the medication, the patient felt dizzy and experienced hazy vision while driving, causing him to collide with another vehicle. “Tan was sent to Ampang Hospital as he had passed out following the road accident,” he continued.

Low glucose level

At the hospital, Lim said, it was discovered that the patient had an extremely low glucose level of 1.8 as compared to a normal glucose level should be 3.9 to 7.8.

Prior to the accident, Tan had doubts as to the accuracy of the glucometer at the medical centre. “I have my own glucometer at home and I measure myself first before I see the doctor. However, I started having doubts in January when the device at the hospital recorded my blood level almost twice as high what I measured at home. But I thought that it could have been my own device that was faulty,” he said.
Lim then explained that Tan went for a checkup on the day of the accident and the device again recorded Tan's glucose level as twice as high. “Therefore, the doctor gave him higher dose in an injection and medication,” Lim said. One day after the road accident Tan again went back to the same clinic, according to Lim. “Again the glucometer recorded double the amount of the glucose level. “However, this time the doctor checked the machine and discovered that it was malfunctioning,” he said.

Second opinion

Lim urged diabetic patients from the clinic to get a second opinion to be on the safe side. “We will bring this issue to the health ministry and its minister as the faulty device has been in use for the past two months,” he said. Lim further said that the government should take this matter seriously. “If this can happen in a clinic with doctors, what about those 1Malaysia clinics which are operating without doctors?” he asked.
Attempts to seek clarification from Batu clinic today was not successful as the doctor in charge Dr Zakiah Yahya declined to comment and would not allow Lim and the media to enter the premises. “Any questions or complaints should be directed to my superior,” she said.

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Normal lah accident. DAP Adun also got knock pedestrian what.