Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cops knowingly violated the law

One cop admitted in the case of the biggest syabu bust in the country that he and another two colleagues hid 4 syabu packages in bushes from police as a “reward for their hard work”. Kpl Mohd Aan Abdul Karim said this when cross-examined by the accused’s counsel during the trial at Kuantan High Court on 13/8/2010. He also said it was the instruction from his superior that they were going to split the profits (

Pertaining to Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, Kpl Mohd Aan and his “accomplices” should be sentenced to death for drugs trafficking. However, only police disciplinary action had been taken against them.

The above disclosure is giving a wrong impression to the public that law enforcers are used to “shortchange” the evidence they seized from criminals and if they are caught, they will only face disciplinary action without being charged in the court of law.

According to a poll last year, Malaysia's corruption ranking had fallen to 56, from 47 the previous year ( It also brought one unusual message: How could the ranking fall even the government has been calling to fight corruption?

The government must take action against Kpl Mohd Aan and his gangs in order not to further weaken people’s thinking and assessment of the state of corruption in our country.

The Investigation Officer or the Deputy Prosecuting Officer in the case must lodge a report with The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on the public admission of a commission of crime by Kpl Mohd Aan.

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9W2XYZ said...

Split the profits. So I assume that means they were going to sell it.

In other words.. become the very people they are charged to apprehend? Traffikers?