Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arrest warrant out for runaway cop

Source: (By Hafiz Yatim & Hazlan Zakaria, 26/1/2010)

A warrant of arrest was issued against a policeman who did not turn up at the Petaling Jaya Magistrate's Court to answer a charge of making a false report against trader Chia Buang Hing. Magistrate Ahmad Solihin decided to issue the warrant against Lans Koperal Norzali Rosle upon request by deputy public prosecutor Amirah Md Yusof. "Your honour, the suspect was reasonably aware that he was going to be charged today. "However they seem to be an attempt at running away or to defy the court's order for him to present himself here today," said Amirah. The DPP argued that all avenues have been exhausted in their attempt to contact the accused.
Norzali, 25, is stationed at the Damansara police station was supposed to be charged in the court today for lodging a false police report against Chia, who operates a framing shop in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, for drug and weapons possession. He was to be charged under Section 211 of the Penal Code for making a false charge of an offence made with intent to injure another person. Norzali faces a maximum jail term of two years or a fine, or both. He is among five person that were charged earlier with assaulting Chia. The businessman claimed that he was assaulted by several policemen who then robbed him of thousands in cash after he was stopped for driving a car without a valid road tax on Dec 18.
Accused might be in Kelantan
Meanwhile, Chia, who was present in court this morning, said that he was informed by one ASP Nasuha about the attempt to charge Norzali today. "Nasuha informed me, so that I could get my lawyer Lim Lip Eng and Marcus Tan to be present in court," he told reporters. "However, when I arrived, Nasuha told me that the accused had escaped and that police diidn't know his whereabouts. The policeman's wife told Nasuha that she did not know the whereabouts of her husband, and that he could perhaps be in Kelantan." Lim said: "Unfortunately, the accused is not here and they do not know his whereabouts. Nasuha informed Chia that this policeman was the one who handcuffed Chia, as well as the first one to assault him. “This (his escape) should not have happened for he is a rank-and-file officer living in the police quarters - yet they do not know where he is.” Lim had, at a previous hearing, complained to the magistrate that he and Chia had not been informed about the five police personnel being charged in relation to the assault. As a result, Lim said, Nasuha informed Chia about today's matter.
'Fear for safety'
Chia had previously expressed fear for he and his family's safety. He is now even more worried that the policeman concerned is on the loose. “I am living in fear because the accused has escaped. What if he hunts me down?" he asked. Chia reiterated that he had been remanded, detained and assaulted and that a large sum of his money had been taken away by the policemen who arrested him for driving a car with an expired road tax. "This is a serious matter and it can have happen to anyone. If the police have anything against me, then they should charge me," he added.

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