Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seri Duta 1 and Seri Duta 2 residents puzzled by felling of trees

Crowded: Indian nationals and agents seen loitering in Jalan Taman Duta while waiting for their visa to be processed at the Indian High Commission.
Source: (By S. PUSPADEVI & Photo by LIM CHENG KIAT, 14/3/2012)
Residents of Seri Duta 1 and Seri Duta 2 in Jalan Gallagher, Kuala Lumpur are puzzled why several trees have been felled in a jungle near their housing area. Seri Duta 1 Management Corporation chairman Annie George Livesey said Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) informed the residents that the matter was being handled Public Works Department (JKR) because of erosion in the area.
“Why should they chop off the trees if there is erosion? There are many places where erosion is taking place but nothing has been done for years,” said Livesey. “Soon after this, we noticed people surveying the land around the perimeter fence (in the jungle area) and upon enquiry, found that DBKL was doing a survey for a park.
“We are puzzled why should a park be built in a quiet residential area,” she said at a meeting with the residents organised by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng on March 3. Livesey also wondered why resurfacing work on the road leading to the condominium were only partly completed by DBKL.
Another resident Lim Lek Yan said the access road to Jalan Ledang from Jalan Duta had been blocked and this caused inconvenience to residents who used Jalan Ledang to get home. “A notice was put up on the road closure of Jalan Ledang and a contact number was given for enquiries, but when we called the number, no one picked our calls.
“We have not been able to get any reason for this closure and it has affected us badly. We are forced to use Jalan Taman Duta, where the Indian High Commission is located and this area is congested in the morning,” said Lim, adding that he hoped the authorities would act in tackling the traffic congestion in Jalan Taman Duta.
Seri Duta 2 Management Corporation chairman Alice Goh said the authorities should act on the traffic congestion in Jalan Taman Duta. “Since Jalan Ledang is now closed, we have no choice, but to use Jalan Taman Duta. Some vehicles double park along the road and this causes congestion, especially in the morning,” she said. “The embassy should relocate the visa application department to a central area in Kuala Lumpur instead of processing it in a residential area,” said Goh.
The residents also highlighted that a monsoon drain was covered by undergrowth and had not been maintained by DBKL. They also complained about the condition of drains which had collapsed causing water to be stagnant, therefore allowing mosquitoes to breed.

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