Thursday, March 7, 2013

An influx of foreigners in Persiaran Prima Pelangi in Segambut, is causing fear among residents there

Source: (By By Noel Achariam, 7/3/2013)
Residents of Bukit Prima Pelangi are unhappy that the foreigners have started doing business in front of the entrance leading to their housing scheme. They also claim that the foreigners had set up their stalls on a road reserve and monsoon drain reserve. The foreigners are operating a food stall, mobile reload shop, barber shop and other businesses.
Segambut Dalam resident Samsudin Aribin, 45, said about 80 per cent of the illegal stalls in the Segambut area have been monopolised by foreigners. "There are many illegal stalls here. Some of the stalls are operated by foreigners who have licences from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, but they do not own the licence. They are using other people's licences to do business," he said. Samsudin also claimed that residents are afraid to go to the Kampung Segambut Bahagia pasar malam.
"The pasar malam is filled with foreigners on Sunday. Some of the residents are afraid to come to the pasar malam after 6.30pm because of the large number of foreigners. They don't feel safe with all the foreigners around," he said.
Samsudin also claimed that there have been fights, illegal gambling and other social ills caused by the foreigners. He also claimed that last year a motorcycle was set on fire by the foreigners during a fight. "The residents here are fearful of the foreigners. We hope all the relevant authorities will look into this issue," he said.
Another resident Chua Chew Huat, 58, said that City Hall should take the matter seriously. "We don't want the situation of foreigners here to escalate. If City Hall does not put a stop to it, then the stalls will start mushrooming," he said.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the residents have complained about the illegal stalls to City Hall, which confirmed that the stalls were illegal. Lim said that City Hall had sent its officers to the area on Jan 24 to check on the illegal stalls after receiving a complaint letter from him on Jan 9.
"The officers confirmed that there were six stalls, but only two were in operation during their visit. City Hall said it would issue a notice to the foreigners to vacate the area. We hope that City Hall will act immediately on the matter," said Lim.
Foreign vendors pose threat to residents Illegal shops at Persiaran Prima Pelangi a cause for concern

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