Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crashing Taman Sejahtera Stall Vendors’ Livelihood

Enforcement team and officials from DBKL, TNB and police have a joint demolition exercise on Monday morning at Taman Sejahtera, Segambut to tear down 4 "illegal" car workshops located right under high-tension cables.

The same team came again the following day trying to demolish a row of 6 roadside stalls opposite of the road which location is not below the high-tension cables. DBKL postponed the demolition works on the 6 roadside stalls to 23.10.2008 (Thursday) when they were informed by stall owners that the area is not TNB's business.

My questions to the government are: The stalls have been in business there for more than 10 years with individual separate TNB meter, water meter and even telephone line, why only now DBKL take action against them? If they are indeed illegal stalls without relevant permits, then TNB, Syabas and Telekom too have been conspired with them in the wrongdoing for more than 10 years. Shouldn’t action be taken against TNB, Syabas and Telekom for conspiring in the same offence?

I have personally sent a letter to DBKL last week requesting to have the demolition exercise delayed for 3 months so that to let the stall vendors have sufficient time to relocate. Obviously my request was turned down when DBKL sent its enforcement team to demolish some of the stalls on Monday. I was informed yesterday by 2 DBKL officers that the complaints against the stalls came directly from Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN). I wonder why KSN is so concerned about such local issue instead of larger national issues.

My hope now lies with FT Deputy Minister Datuk M. Saravanan because he told me that he will "look into the matter" when I approached him yesterday in Parliament for help.

Lim Lip Eng

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Anonymous said...

Despite BN lost in FT KL, dewan badaraya still act without going through the legit MPs.

I guess Tmn Sejatera isn't useful to BN anyway, you see..NEVER vote for them. That's their 'gift'.