Friday, December 19, 2008

Building of a Telco Transmission Towers at Taman SPPK Segambut

Early this week, the residents of Taman SPPK Segambut discovered that contractors started to put 20m-high piles, erected at a playing field which is nearby a mosque just across the street from their homes, for a telecommunication tower.

When I visited the site, the residents present reiterated that they strongly object to any telecommunication tower at the field due to fear that the resulting radiation is health hazardous and there were worries that the construction might injure children as no hoarding is built. A large section of the field was seen dug up which may cause injury to children when they fall.

To me, the piling work is illegal even if it has got all relevant approvals because first, the neighboring residents were not consulted before the construction and second, there was no signboard informing the public about the tower and no information was forthcoming about the company responsible for it.

I have asked DBKL for a stop work order and also to look for those responsible.

Lim Lip Eng

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