Sunday, December 14, 2008

Natural Disaster? I don't think so...

Once again, our beautiful country despite being spared of fearful natural calamities has witness a disaster of "great" magnitude. Bukit Antarabangsa descended in chaos and ruins as the very earth itself raise up in protest hauling buildings and car into the air as toys. Millions are lost and worse still innocent blood has been shed! My heart grieves as I read in the local dailies that some children will not have a mother to hug from this day on.

Very quickly I heard many politicians pointing the finger to the Earth, blaming her for being evil and destructive. No, to them the previous government wanton over development of the sensitive slopes and ridges at the Northern Edge of the capital was never at fault, the earth or perhaps God is. I’m speechless when they claim they are not to be blamed at all for all that happened despite the were ruling government since the formation of the country and are the sole parties approving and allowing the hills to be raped! They are not to be blamed for demarcating the dangerous slopes for development. They are not to be blamed for allowing trees to be fell. They are not to be blame for the haphazard buildings. They are not to be blamed for not ensuring water is flowing to the river the right way. They are not to be blamed, bloods were shed yet they are not to be blamed.

As usual, after such disaster, the entire sleeping government wakes up. Tongues waggle, finger start pointing and the various "caring" leaders surveyed the disaster areas. My question is why Malaysia must only act after things has happened and lives were lost, including having the gall to say "we are not to be blamed"! I can think of so many incidences Penang Jetty, Highland Tower, Gua Tempurung rest area and the list goes on. What are the people who hold lofty position and titles are doing when they are suppose to ensure a safe nation?

Well, my Pakatan Rakyat colleagues at Selangor Government would rather not say "we are not to be blamed" but act. Early after forming the government, one of the first measures for Selangor is to halt further development of such slopes. No more development, period. Rich tycoons screamed and rant yet my colleagues held their ground. For them, the way forward is clear, no hillside development so there can't be any more disaster.

My advice to those in direct responsibility for this issue, to have some honor, resign and just leave. I am sure the people have enough of those who never act and yet never want to take the responsibility. Thorough inspections on all existing development must be ordered to identify potential problems there. To me, I don't blame God on this disaster, I blame men. Men and the other minor lackeys who worship mammon are definitely to be blamed.


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