Thursday, April 16, 2009

Illegal parking poser for Desa Sri Hartamas


MOTORISTS who park at Desa Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur can ignore the parking meters because they are illegal, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said.
Lim said that he had discovered that the roads in the said areas had not been handed over to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). “I visited Jalan Kiara 3 in Mont Kiara with some officials of the developer and the DBKL on April 1 to inspect the poor conditions of the road. The officer told us that the DBKL was not responsible because the roads are still under the developer,” he said.
Lim said he did not understand why the roads were still privately owned while the areas had been developed for about 10 years. “The developer told me that it had tried to hand over the roads to the DBKL three times previously but was rejected each time,” he said. “Who will be held accountable if accidents happen as a result of the poor road conditions?” he asked.
Lim, a lawyer, also questioned the existence of the parking meters in the areas as the roads were yet to be gazetted as public roads.
“Who has pocketed the parking collection?
“The DBKL has no right to collect the parking fees, so were the parking meters installed by suppliers without prior consent from the DBKL?” he asked. “What about the compounds issued to the motorists? “Should the authority refund the money to the motorists?” he said
When Lim contacted a DBKL officer in front of the reporters, the officer told him that the compounds issued were invalid and the DBKL would take action on the operator. Lim said he would write to the DBKL for an explanation.
On a related matter, Lim said the DBKL rented the electronic car park system from four suppliers and had appointed seven operators to collect the parking fees. “The operators pay RM5.50 per parking bay a day in the city centre and RM2.80 a day in the suburbs to the DBKL,” he said.
Repeated attempts to get DBKL to confirm Lim’s assertion proved futile. However, in a faxed statement, City Hall’s corporate communications manager Anwar Mohd Zain said that Jln 25/70A in Desa Sri Hartamas had been handed over to the authority. He added that there were three parking meters along the road and no individual or company had been given the rights to collect parking charges in the area. However, the faxed statement did not make any reference to other roads in the area.


Anonymous said...

Is this daylight robbery or money scandals? How many people have been victims of the summons and blind parking fees? I felt robbed!

Anonymous said...

UMNo government and Cityhall are just vampires. No wonder is is part of the commission paid to buying submarine.

Also what happen the the money from JV in building flats around KL

tim said...

Hi YB Lim, please help to also check on the police inaction with regards to motorists double parking along the main desa sri hartamas stretch in front of Hartamas Square / Bestari which causes jams throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Also check at night in Desa Sri Hartamas there's a bunch of guys charging to enter the road looping around Plaza Prisma Ville. DBKL collects parking from that area at daytime. So which is legal? Have they been legally granted the right to do so?

Be careful though, since people have complained before but the police, DBKL etc don't do anything.

Collecting toll from people when you don't own the road or have the been granted the right, is extortion or even robbery. If the authorities don't care, does that mean I can start collecting toll on a road of my choice?

Anonymous said...

I have recently got a summon for parking but did not display the parking ticket. I am confuse, should I pay the parking meter and avoid the summon, but I thought the parking meter is not valid? I'm confused.

KK Lim said...

Dear YB,

I have recently got a summon too on 28 Oct issued by DBKL for not paying the parking meter. I was parking in the two parking lanes same row with Shell petrol station.

YB, should we argue with DBKL ? What is the procedure ?

DBKL is creating hassle.

KK Lim

nina said...

DBKL is still issuing tickets in the we now have to pay parking fees? there has been no follow up for this keep us informed..

ED said...

Dear YB,

I think we really need to look into this issue. I am good citizen and I do not do double parking. I even park inside private parking. I went to buy some stuff for 5 minutes, but they also charge me 1st hour RM4. Brilliant!

This happened to me twice, 1 time at PJ SS2. Another 1 is Nasi Kandar Pelita at KL.

Went to eat a roti canai and a teh tarik breakfast only need to pay RM 2.70. But the parking for 1st hour RM 3. Walao...Hebat! Really speechless.