Saturday, April 4, 2009

Help from DBKL in Bukit Gantang By-Election

The two photos were taken yesterday at somewhere along Jalan Kuala Sepetang, Bukit Gantang, Perak. Why on earth a DBKL passenger van was doing in Bukit Gantang especially during the by-election? It was parked in front of a building where BN/Umno posters and banners almost covered the building frontage. Five to six people tried to get in the van when the photos were taken. I suppose they were there to help either the Election Commission or the police. Nevertheless, I will get KL city mayor to answer that.

Lim Lip Eng


cikgu said...

nolah, they want to book drivers for errant parking. LOL

Anonymous said...


The Tax Office is simply too much. After paying my taxes, they still dig past accounts to see if I dutifully pay my taxes.

But those DBKL buggers are simply wasting our hard earned taxes. They think the Van and petrol are their Godfather or Grandpa.

Please go ahead and ask for clarifications as to what "KL" Van is doing in North? Do they also go to Hatyai or Danuk?

Also what is the Stooge MACCA doing?