Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Worsening faulty street lights at Jalan Duta interchange

I took this photo on 26.5.2009 evening opposite Lembaga Peperiksaan building
Despite numerous complaints and a press conference to highlight the issue, street lights at Jalan Duta multi-level interchange are still not working, it is now being further extended to Lembaga Peperiksaan building from indoor hockey/tennis stadium since  one month ago.
After a press conference held on 5.5.2009, city hall has replied to the media that the responsibility is with Work Ministry’s contractor who built the interchange as the ministry has yet to surrender the roads to city hall. During my early enquiries on this issue, I was pushed around by city hall & TNB and now we have another new player, the Work Ministry. It cracks my head to know that Work Ministry cannot even fix prolonged minor issue like faulty lights whilst the same ministry is given the task to build & maintain billions' worth of highway projects.
Lim Lip Eng

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