Friday, May 8, 2009

A “Protected” Slum


Yesterday, I, accompanied by some locals Malays and a policeman, went to a slum of 30 over foreign families at somewhere between Taman Sri Segambut & Taman Cuepacs. The slum is built underneath electricity pylons and close to a filthy river. This illegal quarters have been there for 25 years and now well equipped with electricity and water connections. No TNB meter is installed at each house but wire cables can be seen linking all houses from a TNB pole nearby. I was told by one of the foreigners that he is paying monthly electricity fee to a leader who is staying there. According to a Malay businessman who runs a goat farm along the riverbank, these foreigners will bring in motorcycles and throw the skeletons into the river after dismantling the machines. The goat farmer has lodged few futile complaints about the foreigners with the authorities and he was threatened by the foreigners 2 weeks ago that his farm will be burnt down. It seems to me that with some protection arrangements, even illegal foreigners can be able to enjoy privileges over and above the locals.

Lim Lip Eng


Christopher Andrew said...

It would be greatly appreciated if some actions would be taken over this slum issue and We (the people of Segambut) hope that an extensive impromptu check up on the bus services particularly U14 to be cordially done.

This is another issue which has been a very big letdown and a rather disappointing situation plus services which is gaining frustration among most passenger, immigrants or not.

Imagine waiting for a bus to go home for 2 long hours at titiwangsa only to find out that the bus driver over at Segambut are having a nice cuppa tea and talking away.

These are just the fringes of disappointment faced by us (bus passenger regulars) and hope a great initiative will be taken to a better transport facilitator within Taman Sri Segambut area.

We plead you..
Thank you

Anonymous said...


Personally, there is a limit an MP can do for the bus service. The whole transportation in KL stinks because of UMNO and MCA. The Tranport Minister is godd in doing Langkawi project and never improves the transport project. Our former pimp minister promotes cars and highways and abolish BMW Bus Mini.
Many world class cities have organised public tranpsort which incude, buses, trains, trams, light rail but in Malaysia - mana ada? All the monet goes into the pockets.

Liza said...

A goat farm along the riverbank? Is that a legal spot to rear goats? I was informed the stench from the farm is quite disturbing to the mosque attendees across the riverbank.