Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Illegal telco tower taken down

2 months ago, one Telco company built a telecommunication transmitter tower at the Segambut Desa community hall without approval from city hall. The hall is used by and under the control of a local Umno branch despite the fact that it was built for community purpose. The transmitter tower was installed secretly overnights behind the residents’ knowledge and the site is located less than 20 meters away from a public school. Residents and school parents were aggrieved. I lodged a formal complaint to city hall on 7.8.2009 for explanation who allowed the illegal project and who was pocketing monthly rent from the telco company.
Today, exactly 2 months after my complaint, the tower was taken down. However, and in obvious dilemma, city hall still could not answer me who was the culprit and beneficiary of the project.
If it had got approvals from all relevant bodies before it was erected, I would happily accept it in light of the fact that mobile phones are a necessity in the current world.

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