Monday, November 9, 2009

Beware of credit card scam

Tang thanking Lim (Photo taken from Sin Chew Daily)
(By PRIYA MENON, 9/11/2009)
Next time you apply for credit cards at shopping complexes or any other outlets beware as you may become a victim of credit card fraud. When, Tang Yong Seng from Segambut, KL, applied for a credit card at a mall, he did not realise the photostat copy of the application with his signature and personal details could be used to make new cards. Three years ago, Tang’s identity was used in two different modus operandi by a fraud syndicate without his knowledge. The syndicate used his name to apply for new credits cards and even reported his existing credit card missing in order for a new card to be delivered to them. He has been running to and fro to the relevant agencies like the Bank Negara, the five local and international banks involved in the problem as well as the police.
Tang also sought the assistance of Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng who has been acting as his lawyer as well. He has been billed for extravagant purchases like air tickets worth RM2,000, water filter system and jewellery worth RM5,400. After conducting an investigation, two of the banks admitted the claims were fraud and Tang was not required to settle the bills. However, one bank insisted Tang settled the payments and even took the case to court despite three police reports as well as a letter by Lim explaining the situation.
After two years in court, a full trial was fixed on Nov 5 but during the hearing, the lawyers for the bank concerned withdrew the charges without any explanation. Lim said many people were unaware of the seriousness of the issue and ignore the summonses from the court. Lim added that the government’s move to charge RM50 for each credit card per year was not feasible and did not solve the problem.

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