Monday, November 30, 2009

Residents: Why wasn't drain repaired?

Source: (Noel Achariam, 30/11/2009)
Kuala Lumpur: Residents of Seri Duta 1 Condominium want the local authority to take immediate action on a collapsed drain in front of their building in Jalan Gallagher, Bukit Tunku. They claimed that they had lodged a complaint with City Hall 10 months ago but nothing had been done. It was reported last week that a collapsed drain in Jalan Gallagher had been repaired by City Hall. But the residents said they were referring to another drain. There are two roads called Jalan Gallagher in Bukit Tunku. Chairperson Annie George Livesey, 54, who represents the residents claimed that a landslip, that had occurred on an abandoned plot in front of their condominium, had caused the drain to collapse. "During a downpour in January, a landslip occurred on the private land and had spilt onto the drain and pavement. The drain is now completely clogged with earth, tree branches and rubbish. The collapsed drain also poses the danger of causing further damage to the remaining surface of the road," she said. Residents also said that during downpours water would gush down the hill. They have no idea where all the water is headed. They are worried that there could be another landslip as there is no proper drainage. The residents are also concerned that the abandoned plot might pose a health risk. "The abandoned private land is unkept and there is lalang growing all over the area. The owner of the land should take full responsibility and maintain the area," said Livesey. Residents also claimed that there had been two dengue cases since early January. "We can't afford to wait for the local authority, so we hired a private contractor to fog our condominium twice a month. We have no idea if the local authority has come and fogged the other areas around our neighbourhood," said Livesey. The residents were also perplexed as to why City Hall had again cleared a part of the land next to their condominium two weeks ago. "The same thing happened two years ago. They came and chopped down the trees and when we complained they came and planted seedlings. Now when the trees are growing beautifully they chopped them down again. We hope the local authority can explain what is going on," said Livesey.
Seri Duta 1 Condominium Management Corporation manager Siew Hoi Yow said he had written to City Hall since February about the collapsed drain but no action was taken. "We have written to them on four occasions, the last being on Oct 10, but sadly until this moment nobody from City Hall has even showed up to survey the site."
Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng, who visited the residents, said he would meet the mayor, Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail, on Friday.
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