Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hunger striker mulls protesting at MB's house

Source: (By Koh Jun Lin, 15/2/2012)
The lone protester who wanted to set himself ablaze over a botched logging contract has called off his plans for now, and is mulling over protesting in front of the Pahang menteri besar’s residence instead.
Gan Ee Seng, an investor in Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn Bhd, who had been on hunger strike since Monday, would not rule out self-immolation if he is still unsuccessful. “I want the people of Pahang and Malaysia to see that Malaysians do not tolerate leaders who try to hoodwink the public. They are no different from robbers. “If the leaders of every state were like those of Pahang, would foreign investors still come?” he told reporters at his protest site at Padang Kota Damansara, Selangor. Gan said that his plans to commit suicide had been postponed due to police presence in the area, and due to pressure from the company’s managing director Lee Sin.
He initially announced that he would that he would go hungry for as long as he could to urge the Pahang government to abide by acourt order to pay its dues of over RM63 million to the company, failing which he would kill himself. However, he was sent to hospital yesterday after paramedics failed to measure his blood pressure.
Gan also vowed that when he protests in Kuantan, he would not be protesting alone.

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