Monday, February 27, 2012

Motorcylist goes on a tyre-puncturing spree

Caught in the act: A CCTV grab showing a car tyre being punctured by the suspect.

Danger zone: The tyres of 14 cars were punctured in the late night incident in Jalan Segambut Dalam.
Source: (By S.PUSPADEVI, 27/2/2012)
A MOTORCYCLIST punctured the tyres of 14 cars in Jalan Segambut Dalam, Taman Segambut, in the wee hours of the morning but his act was captured on a resident’s CCTV.
Malaysian Nanban director Ahmad Mydin Sikandar said his neighbour woke him up at about 3.45am and told him that a motorcyclist was puncturing car tyres. “My CCTV recorded the incident which took place at 3.26am on Friday. The suspect, in his 20s, punctured the tyres of four cars parked near front of my gate. “He was wearing a helmet with his face covered by a handkerchief,” said the 43-year-old, adding that the CCTV showed that the suspect moved swiftly from one car to another.
Lee Wan Hua, 60, said his nephew, who witnessed the incident, ran out and chased the suspect, but he fled on a motorcycle. “I alerted my neighbours and we managed to get a glimpse of the suspect via Ahmad Mydin’s CCTV recording,” said Lee.
A resident of Jalan Segambut Hilir, who was also affected, said her niece realised that her tyres were punctured when she was going to work at about 5.30am. “She woke me up and asked if I could drop her off at work and that is when we noticed that another car of ours was punctured as well,” said Lim Wee Kee, 50, an enforcement officer with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). She said the crime rate in the residential area had increased tremendously over the past one year. Residents also reported that two houses in the neighbourhood were burgled a few days ago. “We are hoping that the police would do something about the increase in crime in the area,” said Lim.
Segambut Barisan Nasional chairman Jayanthi Devi Balaguru, who visited the affected residents, said she hoped that the police would set up a police beat base in the area and patrol the area, especially after midnight. “Residents should also set up a residents association since the present one has been inactive for years,” said Jayanthi.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said based on complaints from the residents, he had submitted a proposal to the district police headquarters in Sentul for a police station to be built in the area, but did not get any response. “I have also requested for a meeting between the residents of Taman Segambut and the police, but there was also no response. “The crime rate in this area has increased over the years and it is time for the police to act. “If there is no budget for a police station, then a mobile police beat should be set up to combat crime,” he said. He added that the Jinjang Utara police station, the nearest to the area, was located about 5km from Taman Segambut.
The residents do not know the motive of the suspect in damaging the vehicles. Some believe that the suspect was high on drugs or was doing it for fun.

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avarliew said...

why would a new police station improve the situation or reduce crime? i suggest an intensive and escalated campaign requesting response and statistics/action plan from the police. continue escalation thru this route rather than request and drop.

what are the crime statistics? what is the police doing and can do better at? who is responsible for the police in this area?