Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Parking touts take over open space

Motorists are charged RM5 for parking by touts at vacant lot in front of Segambut KTM Komuter station. Pic by Sugumaran Suppiah
Source: (By NOEL ACHARIAM | 24/5/2014)
STOP THEM: City Hall urged to monitor open spaces to prevent touts from turning them into illegal parking lots
KUALA LUMPUR: COMMUTERS and residents in Segambut were shocked to find an open space in the area taken over by parking touts recently.
They claimed the touts had started charging motorists RM5 for parking at the vacant lot in front of the Segambut KTM Komuter station.
A resident complained to City Hall, and a tout was apprehended by the police the next day.
The residents are urging City Hall to conduct periodic checks at all open spaces in the city to prevent touts from taking advantage of vacant lots.
Khairuddin Karim, 59 who regularly parks his car at the open space, said he was was taken aback when he was asked to pay RM5 for parking.
"The young man asked for the payment and he even issued a receipt. City Hall shouldn't allow touts to take over public spaces," he said.
Khairuddin said City Hall should place a signboard at the lot to declare it as public space and to warn of action against those who flout the law.
"City Hall enforcement officers must continue to monitor not only this area, but all open spaces in the city to prevent abuse," he said.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said that was not an isolated incident in his constituency.
"Three years ago parking touts took over a piece of vacant land at the back of the Jalan Duta High Court and started charging motorists for parking there.
"We filed a complaint and the touts were apprehended. However, within days, they were back at the site. City Hall should take sterner action against the touts," he said.
As for a signboard at the site, Lim said he would be writing to City Hall to ask that one be erected there.

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