Friday, May 9, 2008

Police Brutality (updated)

Last night, police doused some 500 residents with water cannons and fired dozens of tear gas canisters into the crowd at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Bdr Mahkota Cheras Buka Jalan Action Team Chairman Tan Boon Hwa and MP Segambut Lim Lip Eng were assaulted by the plain cloths police officers; Tan accuses the police officer on clamping his legs with the police vehicle door.

Lim’s clothes were torn up and being punched on the face and forehead.

Tan got beaten on his eye and face; his legs were being clamp during his arrest when he was being brought into a police car.

Lim was accompanied by Selangor Exco YB Ean Yong to seek treatment at a clinic where Tan was detained in Kajang police station.

Except for Lim’s injuries, his car that parked not far from the scene was destroy, car’s body was scratched, wipers broke off, 2 tires were deflated.

*Article translated from msm by an anonymous reader.


Zawi said...

Nowhere else in the world where the people live in fear of the criminals that may harm them and also of the police who are supposed to protect them.

Small World said...

Bless & forgive your enemy.

Give them a drink if they are thirty.

Feed them if they are hungry.

Vengeance is for the Lord.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

artic turban said...

when you have scum when they need your votes they whisper sweet nothings into your ears after they get your votes they tell you to bugger off, akin to pervert trying to seduce a sweet young thing out of her virginity or wanting to have sex, after the act tells you you no need to call me I WILL??? CALL YOU. thats been always the umno way, use and abuse the rakyst

LALILOo said...

I'm amazed at what happened. Police brutality, indeed.

Excuse me, but, were there not a 500 strong crowd there? Were they just standing there with their mouth wide opened? That's all?

Didn't anyone there happened to have a handphone or a videocam that recorded the whole beating incident?

Since it happened right in front of the reporters, did they also not able to record any video on that? Just pictures inself are not good enough.

I'm ashamed at what had happened.

AJ said...

i am not mad at the 500 people there, but where was the state government? Lim is Segambut, I thought Segambut is Wilayah, where was their ADUN? Lim was brave and commendaable, he tried to stop the water cannon, thinking that those idiots would not touch a MP, but, these people are brutal, they are robbers, they litterrally rob the rakyat under daylight, so MP they also whacked la. Lim, you stood by the people, we stand by you!

Anonymous said...

POlice brutality! there is no law in this country? State already said that's state land! in any event, to build highway is to make people's life easy, not to squeeze people's moeny! If there is an alternative road, what right has Grad Saga got to force people to use the high way and Fed Government stupid one ah?

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Let us NOT waver. Let us ALL, one way or another, push forward together. The March 8 election was a ray of light for all malaysian. This ray of light must be broadened until ALL malaysians is free of the greed of those in power. Greedy politicians must be kick out of the malaysian power structure.

Anonymous said...

It is another example that make me feel doubt about police wisdom besides the incindent decribed by Terence Fernandez in 'The Sun' newspaper today.

panca said...

There are not uncommon times when Rakyat are really confused with the police force whether they were actually protectors or villains!

Very Shameful!

cy97 said...

Well we must salute to the residents and MPs of PR for their courage and persistent to defend their right of way. Although you may say some of of our new MPs are some time over zealous in their task, but wtf... some time you need a bit of "passion" to do your job well especially against those unjust treatment you get from this BN government and loop sided contract that benefit only the Ministers and their cronies ( highway concessionaires ) Well this is the best time to defend ourselves as now we at least has the backing of half if not the whole state government. Not difficult to imagine what MCA MPs will do ...let us sit down and talk... well talk cxck until next election, you would be totally OUT.

Anonymous said...

Why is MCA and Gerakan silent on the police brutality and excessive use of force here?

Why is MB Khalid not taking this seriously? He was invited, and told about the situation but chose to decline to drop by. Why?

See the residents standoff here.

toaster said...

Lim has done great and commend respect from me but where the hell is the state gov't?Why can't they just do something if they are so bloody confident that the land belongs to them. If Khalid would have came and stop the police and FRU, i doubt that the police or FRU would beat him up. WHy no statement from Keadilan or PAS? Where is the surveyor report? We criticized Israel from barricading walls on Palastine but our own bloody gov't is putting walls to barricade us. What do u have to say for yrself, B.N?

Anonymous said...

mLIm lip Eng,OUr rakyat hero,Just do it.if can,sue the police.I,as part of rakyat will always support and stand aside on you.Furthermore,debate it in parlimen.If no alternative way,publish or ask for international help or support.

Anonymous said...

felt sick reading this

YB, are u alright?

Lee Wee Tak

Vamsylvannia said...

It's sad to see that the police is protecting a private entity rather than the victimised rakyat. Both Grand Saga and the police are big bully. What reform is doing by the police & BN government? YB Lim, I wish you to recover fast and we will support you.

Anonymous said...

This is one sure way to bring about hardship to the people who rejected BN. Retaliation in the most cowardly way by using unlawful force - what better name to call this as Polis State!

Anonymous said...

Lim Lip Eng, i am not from KL but if you need any young bloods just send me an email. You want demo , securities, i have it all. We are all young and not afraid to beat the system for the right fight. for the people. our country is going down the drain. one or two nights in jail won't change our spirit. just tell me and i will have 5 cars to segambut!

next demonstration, email me before hand. i will come fully equipped. with gas face mask as well.

Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!

Jarod said...

Sir Lim, Are you doing good? As i read in newspaper, you were being assaulted by the police and sent to Clinic. How are you at the moment? Not much scratches i hope. Why it is so unfair!!! Smash ur car as well....DARN them!

Anonymous said...

Watch the beatings and standoff here.

LALILOo said...

Watch it all here.

Anonymous said...

i wish to contribute my thought:

we assumed grand saga has its so call ‘right of way’, but selangor as a state government may consider the following actions:
1. the grand saga has encroached to the state land, PTG and MPKJ can saman them on this and take them to court.
2. the developer shall give any evidence that the connection was approved ie. from LLM, JKR road division and MPKJ
3. MPKJ can plant some trees on the road shoulder along the boundary line between the hightway and state land / developer land, if grand saga chop it or remove it, then MPKJ can saman them
4. I believe all works ie. road work, excavation work must obtain approval from MPKJ because MPKJ is the enforcement body of the road and drainage act. MPKJ and state SUK shall station their enforcement units here to protect the state government property and saman the grand saga
5. All these saman may cost the grand saga a bomb, ie. 1 saman of tree may cost 10k, illegal earthworks 250k etc.

Anonymous said...

To Ketua Polis Negara..Ketua Polis Negeri Selangor...dan juga Ketua Polis FRU yang bertugas..

Tahniah kerana kecekapan anda dan anggota anggota anda yang memang cekap memperlakukan begitu...kepada Rakyat Negeri Selangor..mentang mentanglah MB Negeri Selangor Bukan Orang Pak Lah..kalau negera di perintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat..sudah pasti lu olang pun tak berani....

Cuba fikir apa perasaan Isteri..anak anak anda kalau anda diperlakukan begitu apabila suatu masa nanti..

bila anda BUKAN LAGI Ketua Polis Negara..Ketua Polis Selangor...atau Ketua FRU....

fikir fikirkan lah...


sedih kerana mentaliti POLIS masih takuk lama..

Anonymous said...

Is there any LAW in Malaysia anymore??? For what it seems, the LAW only protects the rich and famous. Famous but not rich is not in the protected list either. From the video posted from other website, seems like the police itself are protecting the GS. They are not suppose to do so. We pay tax too which contribute to their salary.I doubt GS's tax can beat the citizen's tax contribution. The police leader himself ask not to solve problem the mob ways but looks who is the mod now? A mob calling other mob? Oh well, "Malaysia" ways.

Anonymous said...

who watched the video on malaysiakini? 500 residents you need to engage force against them?

the government's arm forces accompanied Grand Saga's entourage to hurt harless residents?

what kind of country is this?

Tan Kok Wai was right, police brutality used agasint an MP is unaccepatble.

NEws on TV2 said when reporters approached Pak Lah for comments he appeared to be confused as he was not aware of the situation there, wow, this issue has been hot for the past few years and he was not aware? He must have been sleeping or busy grooming his son in law

Anonymous said...

the news paper only reported briefly about the incidents, not worth reporting?
MPs went to visit the girl died in the national service more than MPs went to cheras mahkota, could not handle or run away from their duties?
Ronnie liu busy following Raja Petra around, getting all the camera shooting, did not see his face in Cheras also, what kind of MP is this?
where was theresa? all these people that promised to stand by the residents liers!
If you cant do your job then the people has to do things for themself! Dont complaint we take law into our own hands

Cheras Mahkota Resident said...

any body knows where is lim now? i heard that he was warded.
walau, Ronnie Liu went to see Khalid, big camera, all smiling, why he was not in front of the water canon that night?
I thougth you are exco, see khalid everyday need camera to shoot you seeing khalid? dont put up the show la, residents are way smarter to judge this.
Ronnie we want an answer!
If Jupen keep queit all the time then what are you going to do? keep taking camera crew to khalid office? I have suffered enough, we would not tolerate your rubbish anymore.
YB Lim, you are a hero, you stood between the water canon and the residents, this kind of MP we want, not those liers

Anonymous said...

any body can expalin to me why the residents are in this dire stage?
WHY they got road but government watnt to block, why is the govenment helping Grand Saga to rob residents?

rahsia said...

YB, are you not taking any action after they bashed you up in front of us?

These are lawless law enforcer. And our lawmakers led by Ahdullah the weak are the ones who ordered it.

I hope your condition is not serious. We'll definitely revolt if our votes do not work.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan rakyat, we want you guys to help us by solving the issue, not asking you to send your MP there to get slaughtered. Lim alone wat can he do? I know it's commendable for him to stand in front of the water canon to protect the residents but apperantly Lim alone cant help us. where were the rest of the MPs, in bed?
YB Lim, dont do this again, police kill you only later put up a show in court, later free also
1 less PR MP they can have by election!
dont fall into their trap

Erm said...

Don't you have trust that Selangor Government will be able solve these issue peacefully and amicably?

After all BR is now in power in Selangor.

I think if everyone behaved more sensibly and be more patient, not taking a confrontational stand all these could have been avoided.

I didn't vote for chaos. I voted for change. And change takes time.

MP should promote law and order and should not condone action that will create disorder and chaos.

Anonymous said...

Now that you are already in Parliament representing the people, why can't you work together with the authorities you have direct access to and solve these issues amicably.

Is there no other means other than a confrontational approach?

I didn't vote for chaos, and disorder, i voted for change.

LALILOo said...

There are 5 parties here - Grand Saga, Federal govt, state govt, BMC developer and the most important of all, THE RESIDENTS. For, without the residents, there would be no issue and there would be no case.

Why is this happening at all???

Since the court hearing is coming up, and the survey report has been delayed for OBVIOUS REASONS,

- why not everyone hold off all actions until the reports are out and the hearing has been done?

-Why did the federal govt jumped the gun before anything else?
-Why create havoc and anger among all parties?
-Why is MCA and Gerakan silent on this?
-And where is Samy Vellu?
-Why is the Federal govt so 100% in pursuing this case in assisting Grand Saga?
-And why is MB Khalid trying so hard to run away from this matter?

Honestly, this matter has created more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

Hero..Thanks for standing up in the very front line for BMC/Cheras one will match up , do you agree Mr Tan being MP for Cheras ?

Anonymous said...


I SALUTE YOU !!! I am proud of you !! You stand for the justice of the people ! This incident once again reaffirm that the nation has made the right choice to vote for Parti Kerakyatan on the 8th March. The People's victory. Btw, where are all the so called MPs from MCA ???

Small World said...

To, YB Lim Lip Eng
Mr. Tan Boon Hwa,

Since both of you were physically assaulted by plain clothes police officers ,& the incidents were evidential proof, photographed & video recorded.

Best evident rule & logical way was to take 'civil suit' against the PDRM as 1st defendants & the Government as 2nd defendants & Grand Saga as 3rd defendants.

Only civil suit for RM 50 millions damages for assaults for each of you will wake up the Police commission to take action against their own staff. RM50 millions X 3 = RM150 millions.

Awards can be used to fund more Pakatan Rakyat activities.

I believed both of you will win these 3 civil actions against PDRM, BN Govt & Grand Saga.

I believe all BMC residents will support these 3 civil cases against PDRM & Govt & Grand Saga.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Zuk said...

people are more aware of their right now. we are not sitting quite to allow the bullies do whatever they want. it is so obvious that the fed govenment are not interested in proteting the rakyat's right.
can you blame us for standing up for our own rights?
if the road is blocked again, right the bullies can sit down and talk, talk till cows come home and the rakyat are the ones who suffer.
I watched the vidoe, Lim was merely seeking confirmation who was incharged and where was the authorisation, imangine, if a man just appears in your taman's entrance and start digging soil would not you ask for his authorisation? But the contractors remained silent and the police did not want to entertain Lim's question. the contractor and the police can do anything they like?

If you are not Cheras Mahkota residents, just put yourself in their shoes for a minute?

what else could they do?

they have been waiting for ages!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia boleh!!!!!!! simply come dig hole and block road, force residents to use high way and pay toll! this is better than loan shark business man, at least loan shark don force you to borrow money from them.

We voted and got BN government, BN government with our mandate entered into deal to let Grand Saga build highway, so indirectly we, voters allowed Grand Saga to build highway. Am I right this far? Then since as residents i should be responsible for my action too as i have given the govenrment the mandate to make decision to let Grand Saga to build the high way. If i am responsible I must have rights too. Right? simple as that. Then as voters we wan to see the highway agreemnet. Where is the highway agreement? Oh, i forgot, its' protected by Official Secret Act!!!!! cant reveal!
So residents screwed again?

Angry Voter said...

Tan Boon Wah, i solute you. paper said you were the only resident went to rescue YB. Tan next term if you run in the election, we would vote for you.
Confrontation is not good? My foot, you dont retaliate when you are attacked? Easy to say than done, try and see if it was your residential area got blocked or you are the one who was attached.
it ws so obvious that unnessary force/measure has been taken agasint poor residents, if they dont put up a fight, what do they do? Run to court, i tell you, we have very little faith in the judiciary system, you probably would find another "politically corret judement" (maybe written by Grandsaga's lawyer for the judge)
we can self help why not?
When you are slapped in the face you dont just sit down quiet la!!! talk about logic!!!!!!
the more i read the angrier i become

f***FRU said...

tear gas and fru? against residents?
i am no civil right activist but common sense tells me, those who has the weopon can only angage if they were attached.
Mahkota Cheras residents use what force to attack those fully geared FRU?
if you use tear gas to disperse residents, you need to use so many tear gas? Come on, residents were only looking for ways to run!!!!!!!!!


6 FRU truck, you got to be kidding! who has been to Mahkota Cheras, big scale of riots there? Wah, really great country to live in, no law one, in one single incident demonstrated: Grand Saga day light robbery, police Diraja Malahysia is not only corrupted but brutal and Plain cloth police gangsterism, crony oppressing rakyat, PM of a country sleeping all the time, MinisterS slaughtering poor people and MOST IMPORTANTLY, BRAVE TAN BOON WAH, BRAVE YB LIM AND HIDUP RAKYAT!

voter said...

I have left some comments in Lim Kit Siang's blog, which i would like to share with you, please read. And let me just say this, folks, dont rub salt into the wound of the residents/YB Lim, what they have done is noble. Please support their action!!!! Makkal Sakti, we must stand together in this, together we can topple the tyrant! We have done it once on 8.3.08, we can do it again, if we are united!

abdul latif mohd som said...

dear honourable Mp for Segambut,

I am a resident of taman tun dr ismail and I hear recently that the land which formerly was use as Rasta food court( Rasta food court have moved ) is now being approval by DBKL for 2 building to be build there by Ken Holding. what is your opinion on it?

Anonymous said...

YB Lim,

Are you alright? Please update us.

moron said...

PDRM == forces of justice? Is that stateent true? Let's take a look. They are paid to rob/corrupt/torture/(u name them) the rakyat(tax payers, etc). They are merchanaries - sponsored by the rich to harm civiliants. They're always the last at crime scene, first at innocent scene(speed trap - driveing slow saves your life they say). Y do we need them? Isn't it better if we summn the Black Society? At least u're protected after u pay? Come to think about it, we're paying to get treated unfairly. Shld we let this go on?? Or it's time to start looking for a new path?

Ah Boy said...

YB Lim,

We need young blood like you to make a change for the country. Those only know "seeing longkang" MPs should feel shame by seeing what you have done in BMC.

Ah Boy

Ah Boy said...

YB Lim,

We need young blood like you to change the fate of our country. Those "seeing longkang" MPs from BN should feel shame & learn more from you. TQ!

Ah Boy

citizen said...

dear moron,

you forgot to include that police are also being used to kill innocent people...

hope you are well yb lim

Altis-Pro Marketing Sdn Bhd said...



This really keeps me wondering....

YB, although I do not know u well if compared to YB Tan Kok Wai, I really appreciate your efforts in helping us, The Residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras.The brutality and violence from the Police were REALLY UNCALLED FOR. It had already happened before at the Taman Midah Toll.Although I was still a small child then,this incident really made me flashback on what had happened before this. We applaud your courage in standing up for the Rakyat.BUT,PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR LIFE AT RISK!!!

Chamby said...

Guess what, I ran into YB Lim this morning, he was in court togehter with Tan Boon Wah and the others, seeking an injuction to stop the tyrants to do injustice to the people. He seemed alright! When I asked him whether he was ok, he smiled.
Take care YB

Anonymous said...

This issue of using the connection from Makhota Cheras has dragged on far to long. This has caused much suffering and inconvenience to the residents. It is obvious that those in the position to make things possible and good for the rakyat are not doing anything. Maybe they, like little children, are real sore over their loss in the recent general election. Grand Saga is one greedy party who, despite the fact that they are making huge amount of money from the increased traffic contributed by Makhota Cheras, still want to ensure that they can milk the cows to their bones and sinews.

Now what can we as suffering residents do? I guess not much but still if we have the will we have a way. As I see it, the one wise and peaceful way out, and to get a clear message across to Greedy Grand Saga is to boycott the use of the highway. Take the alternative route through the morning market in Bt 11 village. From there one can carry on through the housing areas and exit close to Plaza Pheonix. I know this is a longer and more inconvenient route but this is all about getting the message across to Greedy GrandSa. Of course this requires stamina and commitment on our part. Another thing we can do is to plan our trip such that we minimise using the highway. Instead of going downtown to do our shopping, we can always do the same in Jaya Jusco and Mines. Just for your information, I am starting to boycott GrandSa. Let's learn from the great man, Gandhi. With patience we will surely prevail!