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I’ll not apologise to a law breaker, says Selangor police chief

The Star, Sunday May 18, 2008. By KULDEEP S. JESSY

PETALING JAYA: Selangor CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said he will not apologise to Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng who was allegedly assaulted by police during a recent demonstration.

He said there was no reason for him to bow to Lim's demands as the MP had flouted the law with several Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents during the Grand Saga demonstration on May 8. It was held over the closure of an access road that bypassed the toll plaza.

“Why must I apologise to a law breaker. I am just doing my job,'' he told reporters after giving away prizes for the best police station in the state at the Kajang station yesterday.

DCP Khalid also held a dialogue session with representatives from the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) at the same venue.

Lim had claimed that several residents were brutally treated when they were arrested for protesting. He said he planned to sue the police over the incident unless DCP Khalid apologised.

Lim also claimed that some plainclothes policemen assaulted him when he tried to prevent the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel from using water cannon to disperse the crowd.

Four people were picked up after about 1,000 people, mostly residents from the nearby areas, gathered from 4pm to stop Grand Saga from building barricades across the road.

The protesters played a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities until 10.30pm when the situation worsened.

Lim pulled the plug of a generator before standing in front of a water cannon to prevent the police from aiming it at the crowd. During the ensuing commotion, Lim was said to have been assaulted.

Saya tak akan memohon maaf kepada mereka yang melanggar undang – undang kata Ketua Polis Selangor

The Star , Ahad May 18 2008. Oleh: KULDEEP S. JESSY

Petaling Jaya: Timbalan CPO Selangor Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar berkata beliau tidak akan memohon maaf kepada wakil rakyat Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng yang telah dicederakan oleh polis dalam demonstrasi yang terkini.

Beliau berkata tiada alas an untuk beliau tunduk kepada permintaan Lim kerana MP tersebut telah melanggari undang – undang bersama beberapa penduduk Bandar Mahkota Cheras dalam demonstrasi Grand Saga pada May 8. Demonstrasi dijalankan untuk menentang penutupan jalan yang boleh melepasi toll plaza.

“ Mengapa saya perlu memohan maaf kepada seseorang yang melanggari undang – undang ? I hanya sekadar menjalankan tugas saya sahaja. Kata belaiau kepada pemberita selepas pemberian hadiah kepada balai polis terbaik di kajang semalam.

DCP Khalid juga mengadakan satu sesi dialog bersama wakil daripada Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation ( MCPF ) di tempat yang sama.

Menurut Lim banyak penduduk juga tercedera apabila mereka ditangkap oleh polis semasa menentang. Beliau juga merancang untuk mendakwa pihak polis berikutan isu tersebut melainkan DCD Khalid memohon maaf.

Lim juga berkata pihak polis yang tidak memakai pakaian seragama mencederakan beliau apabila beliau cuba melindungi masyarakat daripada disembur water cannon oleh Federal Reserve Unit ( FRU )

Empat orang telah diambil setelah 1000 orang yang majoritinya merupakan penduduk daripada kawasan setempat berkumpul pada pukul 4 untuk menghalang Grand Saga daripada membina barricades untuk melepasi jalan.

Penentang – penentang juga bermain permainan tikuys dan kucing dengan pihak berkuasa sampai 10.30 apabila situasi semakin parah

Lim ditarik daripada plug generator sebelum berdiri di depan water cannon untuk menghalang polid daripada sasar kepada orang di sekeliling. Pada masa itu , Lim berkata beliau telah dicederakan.

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Anonymous said...

Anjing amno, you are the real lawbreaker, your duty is to arrest but not beat up the rakyat and MP like gangsters, apologise or suffer a total lost in the next GE. You ni bodoh betul lah.....

Anonymous said...


Did you lodge a police report on the assault by the police?

If you had done so, then you should make lots of noise in the media to demand the outcome of that report.

I think this is something very grave here. If in US, the media would hightlight it so much that the police chief would have to take responsibility like stepping down.

The police obviously broke many laws that unfateful night in BMC. There could be standoff and confrontation but under no circumstances, the police can freely beat up people to settle a matter. This is no different than thugs and bully.


Tim said...

To them you are lawbreaker, but to us you are hero of rakyat! :) keep up the good work for the benefit of the rakyat. Don't worry you did it well...

rcchia said...

It is arrogant attitude like these that the RAKYAT are attempting to rid. If only there is a way for the RAKYAT to "force" the resignation of such people - especially those who are supposed to serve the RAKYAT

Anonymous said...

As an police officer given powers, uniforms, weapons and drawing salary on public money, we should expect a high level of conduct and EQ.

I understand a sense of humility is preached by Islam.

If YB Lim is a law breaker, what law did he broke?

Today, I still do not understand on whose orders that the PDRM committed vast resource to combat residents opposing unfair trade practice that affect their livelihood, while countless hideous crime remain unresolved and daily crime rate continue to rise.

Even some mainland Chinese told me they feel that Malaysia is unsafe. I always feel that it is unsafe in China (which is true) but for them to think we are even worse off speaks unfavourably of our turn of direction.

Lee Wee Tak

noter said...

from the head of OUR law enforement body, what can we expect from them? brutally assaulted MP AND residents, and called them lawbreakers, what are they? gangster!
where is our protection?
If this case were to go to court, what are the chances of them getting a fair trial? the judiciary is so currupted.Look at the mongolian girl, she deserved this kind of trial after she was blown up?
In short, we, the rakyat are left hanging dry.

Anonymous said...

We knew it, they would never apologise, whenever they did in our history?
they is no check and balance of power in our country, that's why the government, the police force can do whatever they want.
seriously, what can the people do about this? the only thing we can do is vote them out totally!
this is the most ridiculous situation, police butallised rakyat and yet no action was taken against them. If this can happen to an MP, what more they can do to rakyat?

Collin said...

Congratulations, YB. :)

Why? Because that Sunday Star report makes DCP Khalid look like a grade-A douchebag, while at the same time making you look awesome.

Everyone who read it is now behind you all the way. :)

Cheras Voter said...

no one can understand our despair, as residents in Mahkota Cheras, we are just like lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
The govenrment could not be bothered about our rights and predicament. They are not even afraid to let us know that the higway were all constructed by their cronies, the most riduculous part is they denied us the right to know by slamming OSA on us, and if you make noise they shut you up with ISA!
We have seen it all, now probably only ISA they have not pulled out from their sleeve.
This is a country run by ganster, robbers and cronies.

BryanChoong said...

Sue that Bastard ! If we are Law Breakers than they are potential Murderers!

Remember on DSAI Case where the Goon of IGP bashed him up!

This is the Mentality of the People.

Nicholas-Y said...

YB lim,

This is Malaysian police you are dealing with. Their tanks wont stop just because u are in the way.

This is not tianamen square. But i guess its a good experience. Keep the spirit and bravery up!!!

shiro said...

YB Lim

It happened again. FRU beating rakyat which they are supposed to protect. This time, the victim is a youth who just happened to pass by. He have to receive treatment in ICU now.
Hope PR MPs can bring this up in parliament.

Anonymous said...

“Why must I apologise to a law breaker. I am just doing my job,''

Pak Cik, what is your job?
A) Ikut peraturan
B) Jaga ketenteraman
C) Pukul Rakyat
D) Buat lawak

Insaflah, kalau sudah salah, minta maaf sajalah.

Anonymous said...

what did you say, potential murderer? See now, who is prosecuting who for attempted murder! 4 civilian including a woman!
This is rididulous
YB, good work in BMC!