Friday, June 27, 2008

17 families defy eviction notices


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Anonymous said...

Reading The Star's Metro today gave me great concerns that my MP is making a fool of himself again.

So YB is turning from Road Warrior of Bukit Mahkhota Cheras to Anti Parking Hero?

Is the parking in Penang free? If not why should KL be so? How is DBKL going to fund itself if DAP take control of it? What about the rationale of having parking fees besides revenue - to provide fair usage to all drivers. Using the example of the trader quoted by The Star, if the parking lots remained free, it could just as well attract drivers who hog the whole lot for days on end without giving any business to him.

Beside why call for publicity to local affairs when you are a FEDERAL MP? DAP should realise they represent all spectrum of their electroate and not just the illegal hawkers, squatters and cheap skate traders.

I will like to see my MP being less of a headless fighter cock and more of a thinker that can provide real solution to us. And highlighting complaints is not productive as you ARE the MP now.

Anonymous said...

I am a bandar mahkota cheras resident. YB Lim has been the legal advisor to our Buka Jalan Action Committees for years. I was worrying after 8/3 election he will abandone us since he is now MP in KL. Fortunate for the residents, he is still standing by us despite all the critics that he is interfering with selangor matter. The residents know if it wasn't because of YB Lim, the road would still be closed until now.

Anonymous said...

The ideal task of a member of parliament is to raise and debate national issues in the August house. However too bad for MP Lim because in KL he has no ADUN nor local councillor to tackle the local issues. The umno controlled DBKL is not helping him...