Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Redraft on draft KL plan

Road show on controversial draft KL plan
Taken from www.malaysiakini.com
Soon Li Tsin & Tarani Palani | Jun 3, 08 11:49am

The 10 Pakatan Rakyat parliamentarians in Kuala Lumpur will hold a road show from June 15 to get public feedback on the controversial draft local plan of the capital city.

The draft plan, released on May 15, lists such goals as turning KL into a world-class city, achieving sustainable land use and protecting the environment.

However, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has already come in for flak from interest groups over a litany of ‘unfavourable’ proposals.

There are also issues which are filled with ‘technical jargons’ as well as complicated graphs and charts in the two-volume publication.

The Pakatan road show will attempt to reveal the impact of the proposals to the public. Several of the parliamentarians and the deputy federal territories minister have their say here.

Lim Lip Eng, Segambut MP - "The development of the Lake Gardens to include wider space for the construction of tall buildings is not acceptable. It is a recreational spot. The plan encroaches into KL’s (oldest) green lung.

I am planning to take action against this. I will talk to visitors to the park and submit a protest.

Esa Mohamed, who is the lead consultant of the draft plan, is also part of the committee to review the draft. There is a conflict of interest here. There was no pre-consolidation prior to drawing up the plan. The people and NGOs were not consulted.

Generally, I have one solution. Scrap it. Re-draft the plan with the inclusion of a wider range of public opinion."

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Anonymous said...

The roadshow would be very timely because KL citizens have much difficulty in accessing the draft KL City Plan due to the high cost of purchasing a copy.

Even for the few who do have access, many have trouble interpreting and understanding the draft.

In anticipation of the roadshow, I hope you could provide the schedule and venue for the Segambut parliamentary area as soon as possible.

Chian Yi said...

I think the roadshow is very good for residents to understand. Meanwhile, the NGO also concern on this. Hence, Empower and Socio-Economic Committee of the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall will be organising a public forum: The Future of Kuala Lumpur: Draft KL City Plan on 18 June(Wed), 8p.m.,at Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Please join us in this public form to find out and discuss what will be the future of Kuala Lumpur from a sustainable development perspective for a liveable city.

Pls. visit www.empowermalaysia.org for more details.

A mandarin version of the public forum will be organised in 24th June (Tues), 8p.m, KLSCAH.


Anonymous said...

YB Lim,

What about our "half hill jungle" - pun san pah Pudu Jail? They are heritage buildings and should be perserve as much as posssible and also remind the people that crime does pay. How many old buildings are left in KL? Interstate and International tourists do not want to see any mega malls but history of KL and Malaysia.