Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moonlighting as Comedians

The news can be a very interesting source of entertainment these days as there are constant barrages of half thought out statements from men and women in the BN government. I personally find myself laughing harder reading these articles than looking through the comic section.

These anointed ones purported and claimed to be saviors of our nation in these difficult times of world economic turmoil despite the fact that BN and BN alone is the source of our suffering. Through their greed, mismanagement and years neglecting the fundamental rules of basic governance, our nation is now left so far behind other Asian economies despite having been blessed with abundance of natural resources, a strategic location and a shroud of protection from major disaster like earthquake, volcanoes or tornadoes.

The other day I almost fell off my chair while reading my morning paper with another such statement. This time, it came from Tan Sri Amirsham, Umno’s savior from the corporate world appointed through the back door. This former leader of the largest finance group in our nation with several others in the Economic Planning Unit claimed to have found the “holy grail” solution to the public servants hardship. They opined that their fabulous solution to the hardship cause by fuel price increase brought by BN’s mismanagement of our resources is for the public servants to moonlight.

Before I could sit back tight, I got a call from a concerned friend who lives in oversea. He asked how my government can run effectively if the public servants are not well fed. Speechless, I was.

In my mind I pictured the very people we are entrusting to enforce the law meekly working to scrounge for a living. What about conflict of interest between their after hours commercial pursuit. For the rotten apples, it could even be a legit mean to get remuneration from their “sugar daddies” without fearing ACA. For the rest of the rakyat, we probably have to face tired front counter government servants who were busy serving nasi lemak at warongs the night before just to make the ends meet. The possible sad endings are just too numerous that I fear to dwell deeper.

At the end, it became apparent when the article reveals the person who first thought of this great plan was Datuk S. Subramaniam, who walked among those who had managed Maika “exceedingly well”. The super CEO has been getting ideas to save the nation from rejected losers whom I suggest that he should really think it over again. The solution ought to lies in correcting the management of resources and not asking the nation to continue cope with BN’s mismanagement. I seriously doubt how much of those billions apparently “saved” by the fuel price hike actually trickles back to benefit the rakyat and not some cronies.

Lim Lip Eng
DAP MP for Segambut


malaysia born said...

It's incredible that a country's civil servants are allowed to have 2 jobs. This is just plain stupidity for the whole world to see.

Imagine someone in the enforcement division who happens to work aprt time for a boss who is going to break certain local council regualtions and this boss can because he got someone (a part time staff) who incidentally is one of the enforcement officer!

Just plain idiocy for anyone to have propose and agreed to lettign our civil servants hold 2 jobs.

Where was the planning when it came to recruitment?

If we need to be competitive again in the world market for investment, it is not a retrainning of civil servants but rather the very first step is to do away with most of these civil servants and that would be political suicide and that exactly is where the problem lies.

What a mess that the BN government has put this country into.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Lim

I expect the Government people to come up with the following statements soon:

1. Eat one meal a day, it will help you to lose weight and become more fit
2. Home school your children, it's easier to pass on your religious values to them this way
3. Move your whole family into the master bedroom and rent out the other bedrooms to earn some money
4. Sell your Kancil and ride a motorcycle, the exposure to the sun will make your body produce more Vitamin D, it's good for you!
5. Sell your motorcycle and ride a bicycle. Reason? See number 1 above. Meanwhile, watch out for the cars on the road.
6. Buy cloth and make your own clothes. Also, make clothes that rquire less cloth e.g. miniskirts and shorts. These are more suitable for our tropical climate too!
7. Get rid of your pet dogs and pet cats. Raise pet crickets instead. You can look at them or fry them in oil for nutritious, high-protein snacks
8. You can submit all your money-saving ideas to the Government (for free distribution to other Malaysians). Malaysia Boleh!