Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Malaysia

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our 51st year of nationhood. Predictably, this year's national day celebration will be another fun-filled and parade-thronged day as always.

However, I don't see our national flags fluttering from houses to shops in KL as before. Probably, the people, after DBKL, are cutting back on expenses.

To promote the patriotic fervour among the people, I forked out from my own coffer to buy various sizes of "Jalur Gemilang" to be distributed freely in my Parliamentary constituency, Segambut.

This morning, I gave away freely some twenty large National flags to the businessmen in Taman City, Segambut. Businessmen from all races received it with utmost delight, many of them immediately put up the flags in front of their outlets.

I started to feel the patriotic fervour among the people. Let's just wish the celebration tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka would not be different this year.

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