Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dato Hakim, please pay up?

On 29.10.2008, former KL city mayor Dato’ Hakim b. Borhan promised to give RM300 to the 193 families at Kg Segambut Bahagia who were affected by floods. He also announced that city hall will build 3 flood retention ponds as the short term measure to avoid future flooding incident. Nothing has come through as of today and he has since “retired” last month. His successor, Datuk Ahmad Fuad, too has not replied to my letter dated 30.12.2008 inquiring into the progress of the ponds and the status of the money pledged. Yesterday, the frustrated flood victims had a protest, they give city hall until end of the month to deliver the goods. Failing which they will have more actions.

Lim Lip Eng

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Anonymous said...

Good work YB.

If we want 2009 to be the beginning of real change in our country, we can't just sit back, leave everything to the new KL city mayor & damn fed gov't. You are our hope.