Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Child Abuse

Late afternoon yesterday, I received photos and a note from an unknown source alleging that the little girl in the photos is abused by family members. House address is given in the note and the girl is said to be 4 years old. I cannot lodge a report because I have no proof and I cannot go to the house because that would be an offence for trespassing.

Still, I went immediately to see the police chief of Sentul Police District. After seeing the photos, the OCPD said action must be taken. This morning, a team of police (mostly policewomen) and I arrived at the house and to our shock, a babysitter was there babysitting 3 young kids including the injured little girl. Police took away the little girl for medical examination and statements were recorded from few adults in the house. At writing time, I heard the babysitter was also taken to police station for further investigation. I applaud the informer who may have helped us to save a life. I urge the public to tip the authorities even in anonymity if someone’s life is in danger.

Lim Lip Eng

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Anonymous said...

Well done YB, you have acted swiftly to save the child from further abuse.

On another un-related issue, don't give up your fight with DBKL for the residents of Segambut Dalam and their flood woes.