Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Following Took Place between 26 & 27 Feb 2009

26.2.09 (morning) - Works Minister Mohd Zin announced toll increases for 5 highways which were to have taken effect on 1.3.2009.

26.2.09 (noon) - Public outcry against the announcement.

26.2.09 (late afternoon) - PM Abdullah Badawi called for a review of the decision following a public outcry.

27.2.09 - DPM Najib led Cabinet decided that the toll increases would be put off indefinitely.

27.2.09 (after Cabinet meeting) - Works Minister said the Cabinet decided to rescind its Feb 11 decision & PM also said the Cabinet’s new decision was made due to the people’s economic hardship.

Conclusion - 2 weeks ago, our “public-minded” & “always on the ground to keep in touch with the rakyat” Ministers thought that the people did not face any economic hardship. But in less than 24 hours after the increase in toll announcement on 26.2.09, the same group of Ministers overturned their early decision on the ground that they are now “enlightened” by the people of their economic hardship. MCA president cum Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, why the silence when the decision was made 2 weeks ago?

Lim Lip Eng


Anonymous said...

Flip flop leader comes flip flop followers.

Selfish leader comes selfish followers.

Anonymous said...

Another sandiwara-our PM trying to show that he's a caring PM.

What a load of crap!!!