Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Open verdict

The inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock in Shah Alam this morning was told that 157 people have given their DNA samples to the investigators and I understand that none of it, including the samples from all Selangor MACC personnel, matches the DNA found on Teoh's blazer and belt.
The inquest was also showed CCTV photos taken at the building lobby the morning when Teoh was found death. Some of the photos showed that 3 MACC recording officers who had interrogated Teoh before he died were leaving the building main entrance before 7am. It was reported earlier by some media that Teoh probably died at around 8am that morning.
What does the above say? I would think it says Selangor MACC personnel are not involved in Teoh’s death. If the coroner at the end of the inquest confirms that the death is suspicious but is unable to determine what or who caused the death then the coroner may give an open verdict meaning a crime has been committed without stating by whom.

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Anonymous said...

Such critical possible evident was not investigated?

What that implies?
-The standard of M'sian Police Investigation team


-Some kind of hanky-panky things?

some stones are unturned and secret escape tunnels unexplored?

So do we need a new IGP?