Thursday, August 13, 2009

Telco tower built illegally

Source:, (Noel Achariam, 12/8/2009)
City Hall has confirmed that the telecommunication tower in Desa Segambut was built illegally and it would be taking action against those responsible. City Hall corporate communications director Anwar Mohd Zain said in a statement that the local authority had investigated and found that the tower was built without approval from its Town Planning Department.
“The telecommunications tower was built illegally at Jalan 1/60A in Segambut Tengah. We are currently planning our next course of action,” he said. Streets had reported yesterday that residents were worried about the possible health risk posed by the 20m telcotall telecommuncations tower which was built a month ago near the SMK Segambut Makmur primary school.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

Do you have any plan forcing City Hall to do something with foreigners open up shop along the road in Segambut Dalam? The numbers increasing day by day. How come they can set up shop with no disturbance from City Hall even though I can see them doing rounds so very often. while us Malaysian have to run away pushing our stall from City Hall? Did applied for permit since February 09 but haven't been granted yet. Is it so hard to gave out permit to small time business?