Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rain brings destruction to two families in Bamboo Garden

A two-hour downpour yesterday caused a huge tree to fall on top of two wooden houses in Bamboo Garden Jalan Ipoh. The rain started at 4pm while the unfortunate family members were watching television.

One of the house owner Mr Yap said he heard a loud cracking sound and when he looked over the window, he saw the 30 year-old tree was about to fall. He later managed to rush everyone in the house to flee. The tree fell on their houses within minutes. One house was literally write-off and the other was partially destroyed by the tree.

I visited the area yesterday and today to make sure that city hall emergency unit has carried out after math work properly.

The victims wish to get public housing from the authority to which I told them squatters on private land are not eligible for public housing scheme. Nevertheless, I would try my level best to discuss the matter with city hall based on humanitarian ground.
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