Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sri Putramas 1: JMC vs owners

I was invited to a meeting this morning called by Sri Putramas 1 residents to hear their issues with the condominium management which is under the control of Sri Putramas Joint Management Committee (JMC).

The residents claim that their building has some defective problems from the day they received vacant possession of the properties. They also alleged the on-going painting work is not properly carried out.

I stressed to them that I have to listen to both side’s story before I could comment because the current JMC consists of mainly owners and I wonder why JMC is not listening to their neighbours.
I shall hold a meeting soon with the JMC and some of the owners to clarify the issues.
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Dear MP, thanks for everything. Without you i don't think they want to meet us. How can they do this to us, we are the one who appoint them and now they act as a diffrent level with the residence. All of us just want a simple request from them, rectify all the defect first then only paint the building. Can we imagine if this half past six JMC who has know experience and run this business by using our residence money. I don't understand why isit so hard to meet us since 12 December 2009

WCK said...

Yang Berhormat YB,

The current JMC is taking things at their own hand right now.

Owners and tenants were being forced to change new access card which are lack in quality and simply giving problems to enter their own premises!!!!!

Futhermore, many owners are not happy with the JMC. Is it possible if you can arrange a dialog with owners? I can say now is the JMC is also half past six!!! So far not a chance we can have dialog with them!!! They deny our rights!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear WCK, we have not receive any letter, dialog request and rights from your side and we did not deny whoever rights subject on individual reason or individual cases and we have no idea what is your back groud. By simply post and accused us in your statement before further request or letter of explainantion from your side to YB or to us! I do receive an invitation card from CK that is Calvin Klein but i have no idea who is WCK?? sorry to say...
I am not sure what (Owners and Tenants you are talking about! One owner or one tenant is diffrent to compare ALL, not all, do not simply said is all, if you have all owners who are not happy with this then please come forward on our next AGM and ask everyone in the hall (SHOULD WE GIVE FREE ACCESS CARD TO WCK OR TO ALL, IF RESIDENT BY MAJORITY VOTING SAY NO, THEN SORRY TO SAY WE CANNOT GIVE FREE CARD TO YOU.
Besides that, if you said all owners then let me direct you. For your info, almost 70 plus minus% of owners owe us maintenance fees and we have send out memo, LOD, Summons to those stuborn defaulters who owe us money since before my time.
I am not sure are you one of the defaulters?! Let me share what is the reason we change the access card before you jump into your statement to jeoperdise your story to public. If you are not happy because of the new access card then please allow me to explain before you create any miscommunication to spoil our reputation to YB and to the public.
Let me correct your statement, we are not half past six! We will take your words and your statement in here for further discussion with the council members for further discussion.
your statement: SIMPLY GIVING PROBLEM TO ENTER: this statement is wrong! unless you and your friends are the defaulters who owe us money and this is the final step before we get the court order to freeze the unit. To be fair, we pay on time and those defaulters is enjoying the environment, so who should we claim from this, should we claim for you because of your statement or can i bring this matter and publish all the name who owe us money here!!! (to be continue)...

Anonymous said...

wck why you say they take things in their hand .were you or have you attend the AGM.
the is a reason why they change the cards .
they security is always breached because alot of outsiders come in using old cards that was never recorded and when this new card comes in effect then we can see the diffrence i beileve,futher more there is so many defaulters ,i hope you are not one of them who is complaining just t o hide their wrong doing by not paying maintenance fees and water bills which i beileve is amting to 1million allmost
so help them to ease the burden rather than accusing them
i pay my maintenance fees 1 year ahead ,i dont see any problem
hope you are clean in your maintenance all and then do not speak pon behalf of others let them voice out
and what is half past 6 ah
i never appont you to speak on behalf of me so pls let others speak for them sself ,
how can some one force you to change the cards ,
as i know the owners are given 2 free cards and subsequent crads are charged rm20 which is very minimal
so why you say they force you
you are an owner right or you are not.
YB pls becarefull with this people who are the defaulters and complains
do ask them if they have paid all outstandings and if they are the owner and is it true that first 2 cards are FOC for the owners .and also YB i think the owner is given a platinum colour card and tenant is given a green colour cards to differenciate them in case there is any unforseen things in future
this peopl dont mention the good things but always have negative thought to confuse others
Thank you YB
concern resident