Monday, April 12, 2010

Minister drops decision to axe 11 sports from school

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Anonymous said...

What is this? Do we still have sports in schools that have no decent playing field? Sports in this country has 'come a long way' since the days when the district of Raub Pahang had 11 teams in the Raub Cricket League. Today Pahang is struggling to to put up a criciket team.

Does anyone knows how the little Island Jamaica produces spotsmen of all coulur that 'bolt' every year in Track and Field. Since 1954 the Island has held on an annuaal basis the Jemaican Combined School Track and Field meet started by those British.That is how you grow talent.

I still remember my days in Raub in the mid 50s. They had a District Sports Council affiliated to the State Sports Council which in turn was affiliated to the National Sports Council.And in every spoting field this infrastructure was replicated. Over the last 40 years this infrastructure way killed because the official running these organisation although were the right people to run them but were of the wrong padigree. In its place came the MSN which receives federal grant and its officials travel in Business Class.

Come of it. Go for the grass roots.That is where we must put our money if we are serious. And, may be, I don't promise this, we will be able to go back to the future in 1955 by the 2040.Ramalx