Thursday, April 1, 2010

MCA property decision still pending

Source: (Christine Chan, 31/3/2010)

The judicial review by MCA challenging the local government's decision to vacate a property in Cheras has been postponed because the judge needs further clarification. The case filed by MCA questioned the legality of the Kajang municipal council's (MPKJ) decision to evict and demolish an MCA building in Batu 11 Cheras that was built on state land. In the Shah Alam High court today, Judge Hinshawati Shariff will hear the clarifications and deliver the judgment on Apr 23 instead.

According to Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng who is representing MPKJ, the lawyer representing MCA, (from SC Lim & Partners), is not here today. “(So) the court has decided to postpone the case in order for the lawyer in charge to appear in front of the judge to clarify,” he explained.

Lawyer Eric Tan Pok Shyong who is also representing MPKJ said that the judge wants to give a chance for parties to speak and clarify before she came into a conclusion.

“It is not a straightforward delivery of decision,” he added.

The decision was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it was postponed to today as the judge was on emergency leave. It is known that there are many other similar buildings owned by BN component parties that are built on state land. Therefore if the decision is against MCA, the local authorities can now take actions against other BN-owned buildings that are built on state land.

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