Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dirty water and food waste flow from illegally covered drains into potholes

The Bandar Manjalara commercial area has been constantly riddled with potholes for the last five years.
THE problem of potholes in the Bandar Manjalara commercial area has been blamed on illegal renovations carried out by business owners.
Resident Tomy Yong pointed out a specific spot near the end of Jalan 8/62A and Jalan 1/62A junction, where the road was always riddled with potholes.
“We initially thought it was because of the shoddy work by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) contractors.
“But, we found a trail of dirty water mixed with food waste, streaming down to the potholes from the drains at the back of a restaurant nearby.
“The restaurant has permanently covered the drains and made it impossible to clean. Many other businesses in this area have also made illegal extensions and renovations to cover the drain.
“There are many steamboat restaurants here,” he noted.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said residents have complained many times to DBKL and the contractor keeps resurfacing the road, only for the hole to reappear after a couple of months.
The drains at the back of this restaurant has been permanently covered, making it impossible to clean.
“Regardless of the weather, the potholes are always filled with water from the overflowing drains. It dirties and damages the road and causes a foul smell,” he said.
Plaza Manjalara Joint Management Body building executive Visvanathan K. Balakrishnan said the area was infested with rats.
“The rubbish collection service is not timely and the clogged drains are not helping,” he said.
DBKL Civil Engineering and Drainage Department engineer M. Faizal Zulkarnaini said he would check with the Town Planning Department on the legality of the covered drains.
“Clearly the drains are not functioning well, causing them to overflow,” he said.

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