Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pemuda Umno are still out there. Where's the police?

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Anonymous said...

Pemuda UMMO... I've never thought that these people are so 'CHILDISH' and can 'ACT SO RECKLESSLY' and 'DO WHAT EVER' they want. They are just 'NONSENSE' to me.

Sorry to say, but i think every educated Malays will not do such a thing as they understand what is right and wrong, probably these are the minorities that we as malaysians to see how 'FOOLISH' they are.

Imagine these are the people of the future to lead your country and 'DO WHAT EVER' they want, in the end...? I think you have your answers...

Think twice if you are living in Malaysia, with a government and leaders like that, we will only going into doomsday.