Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RM505 million to maintain 49 Fighter Jets

Prime Minister cum Defence Minister answered me in Parliament that government has to spend RM505 million just for the past 2 years to maintain 49 fighter jets (19 Hawk, 16 MiG29, 8 F/A18D & 6 Sukhoi). This does not include the cost that we need to train & maintain the qualified pilots and we have 153 pilots to fly 49 fighter jets!
I would rather have that money spent on recruiting more police to patrol our streets especially in this economic downturn & rampant crime than having a troop of pilots hanging around in the hanger with not enough jets to fly.

Lim Lip Eng


Anonymous said...

The answer given was too general and not reflecting the true picture.
With millions spent it should be equated with the number of jets serviceability or mission capable i.e aircraft that are ready for combat. As it is now due too poor planning by the RMAF the mission capable jets is hardly at 30%, that is to say we can't defend our airspace if attack by enemy. There are so many screw up when mediocre running the organization and on top of that the contractorization of maintainence of the jets are monopolized by AIROD and ATSC and look like another fail system as it is just another PLUS and SYABAS business.
The money spent is not giving the number required. Something is not right somewhere and we are sacrificing our national defence which is only a perceived threat and I fully agree with your proposal as the millions spent is worth to be invested somewhere for the benefit of the rakyat.
YB, if you want to know more just respond to this comment. The answer given by minister is just an eyewash answer. Melepas batuk di tangga.

DAP Member of Parliament said...

Thank you for your kind comment. Please send more info regarding this matter to

Lim Lip Eng