Friday, September 18, 2009

Listen! I have no access to RM1m special allocation

After I was elected as MP, I have received so many calls for financial aid from schools, temples, churches, community associations, physical challenged people, the poor and etc… Some of them insist that I have an annual RM1 million special allocation of fund from the government and I should disburse it for the poor and the needy.
The truth is I have no say over the fund and yet people do not believe me. It annoys me when people believe what they want to believe and major dailies do not cover us.
I say this because my office saw an increase of this demand during Hari Raya season. Let me repeat again what government said in Parliament:
Ahli Parlimen dari mana-mana parti termasuk dari Pakatan Rakyat tidak dibenarkan akses kepada Peruntukan Khas. Ini kerana peruntukan disediakan untuk kawasan Parlimen dan diurus oleh Pejabat Pembangunan Negeri.

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