Thursday, September 3, 2009

Residents worried over development project

Cause for concern: Work in progress at the site, which is worrying residents of Taman Sri Kuching and Taman City.
Source: By JAYAGANDI JAYARAJ 26/8/2009
Fear of possible sand-mining activity and issues over a development project in Taman Sri Kuching, off Jalan Kuching, are worrying residents of Taman Sri Kuching and Taman City in Kuala Lumpur. The project, which is set to be completed in 2012, includes apartments, retail lots and offices. The site, located along Jalan Matang 3, was fenced up last year. Tony Yap, 47, said the residents were worried about sand-selling activities behind the fences, as ‘Sand For Sale’ signboards were recently put up in the area. “The row of houses along the road is just 6m away from the development site and residents are worried about the safety of their houses should there be soil excavation. “By right, the fence should be 6m away from the kerb, but it starts from our gate. “We are also subjected to noise and air pollution from the site, as we live just across the street,” he said during a press conference held by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng on Saturday. Due to the activities at the site, Yap said mud washed down by the rain got deposited in front of their homes, and residents feared the condition could become worse in future. The Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) lack of transparency in handling the matter also adds to the residents’ concern.
Resident Y.C. Yong, 43, said when he called the DBKL two weeks ago, an officer from the planning department claimed there was no such project in the area. However, Yong said, the plan was approved and the developer was carrying out work on it. “There is so much discrepancy in the information we get from the DBKL regarding this project. “The project is a high density development in this area. By right, this area should have 64 people per acre but looking at the plan, it will have to accommodate about 400 per acre. “How is that possible when the zoning is classified as non-commercial?” Yong asked, adding that the developer did not have any meeting with the residents in the area to discuss the development project.
Meanwhile, site supervisor Alvin Choong said all the legal documents for the project were in order and they were now removing earth for the foundation work. He said they were not selling sand or earth but were just transporting the excavated earth to another site in Selayang. “We have all the documents to prove that this is a valid project approved by the DBKL. “But, I understand that we cannot stop residents from voicing their grouses concerning the project,” he said during a visit to the site. Choong added that the developer’s land extended to the gate of the houses along Jalan Masang 3, but the developer was not making an issue of it.
Lim said he had written a letter and sent photos of the place to the DBKL, requesting that the local authority look into the matter closely.

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