Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Police are doing what is required by law

A prince was whacked by another prince and police did nothing and I don't doubt that it is. As the Negeri Sembilan prince revealed today his bewilderment after a night out 11 months ago (, I say some heads at PDRM must roll today and somebody should be charged with a criminal offence. For reasons I think I already knew a long time ago, Police decided to yet to decide what further action should be taken against the assailant.
Some questions must be answered. Or this could happen again to another not a prince but an ordinary person like you and me. Why didn’t culprit arrested, interrogated, detained under remand and charged in court as required by law? That's the first and most obvious question.
Well, again I think I know the answer to that question. The Police are waiting for instruction as is required by law. The next question is: Whose instruction? Is it the Attorney General’s instruction or instruction from even higher authority? And that’s for us to keep our comments to ourselves for our personal safety. The best person to answer it would be our country newly reappointed Police Chief Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

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