Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3-headed Brute

KL city was originally governed by KL City Hall (DBKL) and, Federal Territory Ministry was re-established in 2004 by PM Badawi which has jurisdiction in KL. A case of duplicity? Not yet.

Since yesterday, Pemudah, the special task force set up to facilitate business, has “adopted” DBKL with immediate effect. Yes, now we have a triplicity.

KL city mayor, Dato’ Hakim b. Borhan, dumbfounded agrees to the visionary offer. Does he have a choice?

Reason given by Pemudah to get in the way of DBKL daily business is to “to make it more customer-friendly and improve its delivery services”. Meaning since its inception in 1972, DBKL has been customer-unfriendly and poor in its services?

Not only now KL tax payers have a 3-headed brute to breed, they may have to listen to 3 different calls of tune.

This tripartite is a sheer wasteful and ridiculous excess. To make KL a better city, all that we need is a capable CEO to run the city. If the current one is of no good, sack him immediately and hire a qualified one.

Lim Lip Eng


Lau Weng San said...

I am proposing, if Pemudah still fails, that the Selangor State Government initiate to the Federal Government to effect a takeover.

Anonymous said...

3 parties and each party being salaried/paid? Do they produce 3 volumes of work or creare 3 volumes of trouble> It is the way our DPM ask the rakyat to tighten our belts when there are 3 workers to a job?