Thursday, September 25, 2008

Report lodged against Teresa Kok for insulting egg

It was reported today that Seputeh Umno Youth division has lodged a police report against YB Teresa for insulting egg (

How could Brickfields police station accept their report? Which investigating police officer has been assigned to the case? Perhaps they would engage the service of an egg-vendor. Or maybe Seputeh Umno Youth division just wants to teach one's grandmother to suck eggs.

Under our Penal Code, it is not an offence to make such nonsensical complaint to the police, no matter how absurd the complaint is.

This is the second world-class joke by Umno after 8 March general election, the first is when Sinchew Daily lady journalist was detained under ISA for 18 hours on the ground that the government worried about her safety.

Lim Lip Eng


Dean said...

YB Lim

Seputeh UMNO use their twin eggs to do their thinking, that is why we now witness many Malay who use to support UMNO have now shifted their support to Barisan Rakyat!

Bemuse with their immature thinking, how can these moron given the position to run the government.

J Dean

Anonymous said...

Stupid leaders cum stupid followers; then come stupid reports. Tak Malu la!

Steven said...


The incidents of "eggs" not only determined their low IQ but the whole education level were heading to uncivilized.

Now, another case of the Molotov Cocktails being thrown to Teresa Kok home were another plot and joke… (Plot by the terrorist action and joke for playful challenge to police who only know to send troop to guard the Dataran Merdeka.

Free RPK & other detainees as well as Abolished ISA.

*卡爾斯將軍* said...