Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood in his pants

The picture is taken from the internet. It appears to be blood in Teoh Beng Hock’s white-colored torn pants. Was it really blood in his pants? Why was his pants torn from behind? MACC must answer these questions.
Teoh’s death tears the hearth of the nation. I wish Hollywood TV sitcom CSI team is real so that we can bring them over to find out what or who killed Teoh because our police has only completed 60% of the investigation despite it is now 6 days after his death.
Rest in peace, Teoh. We shall seek justice for you and for your unborn child.



i also think the CSI should come to Malaysia to investigate this case!!! Coz i dunno our country can tell us the truth or not....

R. Vijay Kumar said...

What baffles me is that how did MACC still had the Late Saudara Teoh Beng Hock's wallet and mobile with them whilst he was already permitted to go back. Could Beng Hock have agreed to drive his car without his driving license and cash for toll, etc, etc.

It also puzzles me that Beng Hock had expressed desire to 'sleep' over at their premise.

Stranged that he was discovered many hours later by a 'janitor'/'guard'/'worker'. Where was the MACC officer who was 'questioning' Beng Hock?

The truth shall prevail.

...... The changing world belongs to those who master change.

jue said...

So, what is DAP next move in getting to the bottom of this case?

How many more memorials and vigils can DAP held?

In my experience as a community organiser and facilitator, I find that Malaysians are quite forgetful.

It is my hope that TBH will not die in vain.

Alvin said...

sad indeed. Vijay Kumar said it right, MACC must explain why TBH's HP is with them. The public's pressure must not stop!