Saturday, July 11, 2009

CCTV to fight crime

It has always been my proposal to police, DBKL & government to have more CCTV in KL town to fight crime because knowing that our police is always in lack of manpower, budget, patrol cars & etc... my view is that we have got no choice but to rely on technology to trace the criminals. By having CCTV all over KL, criminals' whereabouts & their cars' number can be easily tracked down immediately after their act of crime.
I asked in parliament last November about the cost & units of CCTV in KL & I was given a shocking answer. Last year KL had 255 units of CCTV with an average cost per unit of RM160,260 and 80 out of which (almost 1/3) were damaged! Government needed another RM8 million to repair it! Many of my friends told me that we can buy NASA technology CCTV with RM160,260 and China made very good quality CCTV only costs about less than RM2,000.
Again I asked in parliament last month whether government is prepared to install one unit of CCTV at every 1 kilometer distance in KL to prevent crime. Government’s answer is NO due to high in cost and government also said only 82 CCTV were now installed in KL for this purpose. Can you imagine that the people in KL have to rely on only 82 CCTV for their safety? I believe Genting casino or any bank headquarter has more than 82 CCTV in their buildings. Does that mean human lives are worst than gambling business and financial house? Or is our government poorer than betting companies and banks?


Hanz said...

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Anonymous said...

Please do not CCTV the whole KL city as we do not want the city to be a place where everyone has lost their freedom.
There are many cheap monitor available in the market but for crony contractors, that what we get. Even costs can be further reduce if a proper survey and study conducted on the danger zone within the city so that this areas can be CCTV while other areas police can do their job provided the police are not sent somewhere to look after opposition politicians and supporters.
Yb, actually this is very easy job but it is difficult when there are vested interest and the authority forget their responsibility, accountability and national interest. Sampai tua la Malaysia and it will only happen if you can throw UMNO/BN out.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I'm living in your constituent and I would like to tip you off on this CCTV matter. I suggest that you probe further by asking where are these CCTV pointing to.

In my area, I was shocked to find out that it only points to a 7-Eleven store which was frequently robbed.

So, we're basically paying public money to watch a private store (which should be able to afford its own camera) instead of scanning 360 degrees around the CCTV area for criminal activities.

If this is the case, I'm certainly NOT for any more CCTVs!

Anonymous said...

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John said...

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Alvin said...

I was shock to read the reply given to you in parliament. The cost of cctv bought by the government is unbelieveable. They must have pocketed a lot or a fool to agree to such a price. I wish they are a fool, then I can joint venture with YB install cctv. Earn much more than a lawyer & MP!!