Monday, July 6, 2009

Toll protest: BMC folks want free road

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Anonymous said...

This comment is nothing to do with the post. I just found no way to leave a message to you Mr. Lim. Knowing that you have issued a directive to Mr Tan to remove all his 15 dogs in seven day, I think you should have done it in a more considerate way.
Dealing with issue like this is not as simple as what you did. If you have a little sympathy, a little bit more care about the 2 old folks and the innocent dogs, you should have helped in other ways.
You are now here because of the people like Mr and Mrs Tan. This might be a too insignificant issue for you to publisize yourself, you may have bigger issue to deal with for publicity, but do bear in mind people are watching.
Please help Mr Tan and Mrs Tan and the rescued dogs. At least understand why they have to do that? coz the dogs were abandoned by other people and left to fend for themselves on the street.
Hope you do something good about it.