Saturday, August 30, 2014

Illegal shops in Segambut Dalam torn down

Knocked down: A DBKL officer keeping an eye as the illegal shops are being torn down.
RESIDENTS of Kampung Segambut Dalam are happy that the illegal shops along Jalan Segambut Dalam have been torn down by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).
A total of 10 illegal shops were demolished by four lorries and two excavators from DBKL.
Kampung Segambut Dalam Land Owners Association secretary Irwan Sabei said the illegal shops, which were manned by foreigners, were a nuisance to the residents.
“I have received a lot of complaints from the residents that the shops, which were built on the road reserve, had created a lot of problems such as clogged drains and traffic congestion.
“Vans delivering sundries to the shops will stop on the roadside and block one of the lanes.
“It is the main road for Segambut Dalam and traffic becomes congested when a delivery vehicle stops to unload goods.
“Hygiene is also a concern for nearby residents as the shops often dirty the place.
“We have requested for Alam Flora to clean up the drains but the drains will be clogged up again after a while,” he said.
The illegal shops consisted of sundry shops, a laundry shop as well as a butchery where beef and chicken meat were sold by the roadside.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said he had brought up the matter in Parliament last year and DBKL had since issued notices to the illegal shops to stop operating as the structures would be demolished.
“However, they refused to comply and DBKL took action.
“I believe that the foreigners pay a monthly rent of between RM500 and RM700 to the local owners to operate the shops,” he said.
Lim said that the influx of foreigners had created a lot of problems for the community.
“The shops erected on the road reserve were against the law.
“Some of the foreigners were operating without a valid licence while some of them were without valid travel documents,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

This suppose is a great news to segambut dalam resident, after so many round and afford to voice out our safety concerns and traffic condition in segambut dalam.

However, we notice DBKL only torn down very litte part of the illegal house in kampung segambut dalam. Wonder why DBKL cannot torn down all the illegal house along the segambut dalam? It is nearly extended to the bottom of bukit prima pelangi.

We really hope YB Lim can assist us to torn down all the illegal house along segambut dalam, coz it cause not only security issue, but indirect cause the traffic congestion as well...

Thank you.