Sunday, August 31, 2014

Idle land in Kepong a health hazard

Gaping holes: Abandoned earth works for the rescinded food court project in Kepong have made the land a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
THE site of a stalled food court project in Bandar Manjalara Commercial Centre in Kepong is now at risk of becoming a mosquito-breeding ground.
Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), which earlier approved the project on a piece of vacant government land belonging to the Federal Territory Land Office, has since withdrawn the approval after protests from the surrounding business community and work on the project has stopped.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the land consisted of three parcels that had been reserved for a clinic, post office and police station. However, no development took place.
“DBKL put advertisements in several newspapers on Jan 22 informing the public of an application to develop the parcel reserved for the clinic, to be turned into a food court. The public were given 14 days to give their objections.
“The business community in the area responded the next day protesting against the food court, citing parking issue and that it was unacceptable to use government land for commercial purposes instead of its original purpose of public institution.
“A letter signed by more than 20 business owners in the area was hand-delivered to DBKL by their representative Foo Yik Cheong, 67, who received an acknowledgment in return.
“There was no update on the project after that but suddenly in May, hoarding and banners were put up at the site advertising an upcoming food court. Earth and piling works also started,” he said.
Lim and the business community then wrote a letter requesting an explanation for the approval of the food court.
“DBKL replied that the permission was given in January because no objection was received.
“When we showed them the acknowledgement letter Foo received from DBKL, its Planning Department invited him for a meeting and verbally informed that the approval had been rescinded but could not provide the relevant document pertaining to that status update,” said Lim.
He pointed out that the earth works had damaged the land and turned the site into a health hazard as water was pooling and was perfect for mosquitoes to breed.
“I urge DBKL or the Federal Territory Land Office to repair the damaged land.
“Since the land is idle, I suggest that DBKL consider turning it into a carpark as they are insufficient during peak hours,” he added.

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